2019 Pryor Foals # 2 and # 3

Petra and her new foal.  Photo taken by BLM

Pryor Foal # 2 was born to Petra.  London is most likely the sire.


Petra is the 2015 daughter of Galena and Doc.  London is the 2011 son of Gold Rush and Doc.

No name has been given and the sex is unknown right now.

Niobrara and her new foal. Photo taken by Cheryl Egan

Pryor Foal # 3 was born to Niobrara and Fools Crow.  Niobrara is the 13 daughter of Firestorm and Jackson.  Fools Crow is the 2005 son of Strawberry and Cortez.  It’s a colt. The name is Thunderbird.

Thank you Cheryl for allowing me to use your photos.

Niobrara and her new foal.


6 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foals # 2 and # 3

    • In 4 days 3 new foals ! Spring is finally here. I was surprised by the birth of Petra foal but very happy with these two parents the foals will be for sure beautiful. I don’t think it’s a big problem for the foal to have only Doc as grandfather. I think we will have a lot of surprise this year as Waif and Petra foals . Niobrara foal was « highly anticipated » as we saw her big belly on the pictures for more than a month. I saw « better » pictures of the foal and he/she looks to be a strong foal . I hope they will survive through their first year. I think the next foal could be Penn foal . ( I also think that Labrava is pregnant again and La niña is for sure pregnant too)

  • Its so exciting watching the next generation mares like Petra and Niobrara beggining their own legacy especially since we watched bthem both grow up from fillies. Both Niobrara and Petra have great heritage and they will be awesome mares in the future.
    I hope all the foals are healthy and live a free life!

  • What is the name and gender of Petra x London foal? and how are they doing? So exciting to see a new FoolsCrow foal!! and especially by Niobrara! (one of my favorites of Firestorm :). Hopefully they will both do well and FREE.

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