2018 Pryor Foal # 11


I am a little late announcing this birth.  I did post on Wild In The Pryor Facebook page, shortly after he was born, but was waiting for just the right photos to announce it here.   These photos were taken this week by Brittny Budde.  Thank you so much Brittny for letting me use them!


Pryor Foal # 11 for 2018 was born to Feldspar and Mescalero.  Feldspar is the 2005 daughter of Rosarita and Starman.  Mescalero is the 1999 son of Sitka and Shaman.

IMG_3241 2
Mescalero, Sirius and Feldspar.

The foal is a colt and he has been named Sirius.  He is named in honor of his grandfather Starman.  Sirius is a star system and the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky.

Welcome little one.  I hope you are able to shine on the mountain top your entire life.


6 thoughts on “2018 Pryor Foal # 11

  • Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos. Sirius, what a perfect name! I hope he is able remain free his entire life. Love the Pryor Mountain Horses. I hope to come back another time to see them.

  • It may be “old news” but thanks for posting this anyway.

    I’ve said before I try not to get too attached to the foals but I think it’s impossible not to fall in love with this little guy. He’s such a ham, and is always racing around and playing in all the videos I’ve seen of him. I love his name too. I was really hoping one of this year’s foals would be named Sirius. I wonder if he’ll roan out. It looks like he might.

    I really hope he gets to live his life free on the range.

  • Thanks for the post!!! With the way the BLM manages the herd i am a bit afraid of the little guy’s future on the mountain but nevertheless Seirious brought an enthousiastic aura to the mountain, hopefully he won’t be the last foal this year.
    Do you know if any other mare is expecting? I saw some comments about Juniper and Gretta but its hard to tell if there will be more births

  • I’m looking forward to seeing him next season. Feldspar has been a good mom over the years and I’m sure she and the band will see this little one through the winter.

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