2018 Pryor Foal # 10 Deceased.

IMG_8895In all the years I have been going to the Pryors, I have grown to believe that the mountain gives you gifts according to what your energy or attitude is while you are walking on the horses’ ground.  You just need to be aware of what and when they happen and be thankful for the gift.  This morning was one of those times, and I will hold it in my heart.

On July 9, 2013, my guest Jeanne (who has become a very dear friend) and her two young grandchildren, along with my daughter Amber, witnessed a birth of a foal to a young two-year old filly named Labrava.  I won’t go into the details here, but if you would like to read that post you can click on NACER.

Today, just a few days long of the July 2013 birth,  Labrava gave birth again.  And myself and Abbie were the first to witness this miracle.


We had 3 wonderful photographer guests that wanted to get first light in the morning.  I actually love the early morning, and was eager take them out and find horses.  After a few minutes of shooting Tecumseh/ Gringo band and Doc’s band, we decided to move down the road a bit.  I parked the car and just took in the beautiful landscape while I sipped my first cup of coffee for the day.  After spending several weeks on the mountain, I have often just enjoyed leaving my camera down and taking in the horses and landscape with my eyes.  As I did this, I noticed Irial’s band to my left.  I counted the horses, including Irial.  Irial has the biggest band on the mountain at 11.  He was one short.  Abbie and I had been watching Labrava closely, and we thought she was very near to foaling.  We saw them the night before and she was walking as if she was uncomfortable.  In a perfect world, we hoped that she would foal that night, but we weren’t sure, because sometimes they can actually go on for days looking that way.

I looked through my binoculars past the other members of Irial’s band.  Just below the hill, I could see LaBrava.  I immediately thought she looked thinner.  Could she have had her foal??  I turned to Abbie and said.  Let’s go take a look.  We took a very wide berth around her (more than 200 feet or more), we walked slowly over.  There on the ground was a tiny dark foal!  LaBrava was comfortable sharing her new life as we watched.  As soon as he stood, it was obvious he was a colt that was going to look just like his father!

Thank you LaBrava for showing us this gift!


The 10th Pryor Foal was born to LaBrava and Irial.  LaBrava is the 2011 daughter of Blue Sioux and Coronado.  Irial is the 2008 son of Ireland and Prince.  I’ll let you know when a name has been chosen!


LaBrava with her new colt and her daughter Pilar (Pixie)

25 thoughts on “2018 Pryor Foal # 10 Deceased.

  1. hello, you’re definitely lucky with Labrava! I have never met Labrava but this mare looks so generous and loving of her foals. I think that have known for a month that Labrava was pregnant but I’m more and more mistrust because sometimes the mares are just in good shape. I hope so much that this foal will survive. Irial’s band is really my favorite all his mares look really close. Thank you for sharing this great photos and I hope you will discover other mountain top foal this summer. Do you suspect other mares to be pregnant?

  2. What a beautiful baby. What a blessing for you both!! He’s just an eyefull of gorgeous. I’m so enjoying all your photos this year. You’re having a great summer.

  3. I’m so happy for you to have recieved this gift. Clearly La Brava trusts you presenting you with two of her newborn foals. It’s a special bond. This little boy is so beautiful. I can’t stop looking at his pictures!

  4. What a cute little guy! I can’t wait to see him when he roans out! (If he does). Do you know if you can find where to look at the horses they want to remove this year like with the tiers and all?

  5. What a thrill to be there for this new arrival! I’m very happy for you both! And so glad for LaBrava that things went well. :)What a beautiful guy he is going to be with a sire and dam like he has. Hope to see you up there soon.

  6. I’m so glad that you guys were there to witness this happy event! And the pics are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them and your thoughts. What a little beauty he is. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you up there soon, and checking out all the new babies.

  7. Such a gorgeous boy! 😦 so glad that you got the pictures of him. What was he named?? and do you know what might have happened to him? Did you see him again after those 1st pictures?

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