2018 Pryor Foal # 9

Sunset on the Mountain, June 2018

Pryor Foal # 9 was born in the Dryhead while I was on the mountain top.  LaNina has given birth to a colt.  His name is Stillwater.  I do not have any photos to post, but when I do I will post.

LaNina is the 2013 daughter of Bakken.  The sire of this foal could be two horses.  Hidalgo or Hidatsa.

Out of the 9 foals born, there are currently 6 surviving.



4 thoughts on “2018 Pryor Foal # 9

  • So glad for a new foal, this year things are reversed with most foals being in the Dryhead and only two in the mountain top. I wish he was a filly though because there have been much more colts the last couple of years and we need more fillies ,so the bachelors won’t harass the mares. Have you seen Sentinel and Sundance too? i know Sentinel’s band is elusive but i hope he is ok. Hopefully he will make it.I feel sorry for Stargazer, its like i jinxed him or something, i hope his mother will become a mother again when time is right in the future
    Thanks for the update i hope we will see a couple more foals by the end of summer, La Brave is definately a canditate and maybe Juniper as well!!!

  • Finally! Been waiting for this one for a while. Another red baby for the Dryhead. I was really hoping this foal would be a filly as they are desperately short of mares in the Dryhead, but it wasn’t to be. Hopefully there will be some fillies born next year to make up for all these colts.

    He looks like a cute baby and I love his name. As always, thanks for the updates, Sandy. They are very much appreciated by those of us who can’t easily make it to the Pryors.

  • How is Stillwater doing now? i haven’t heard any more information about him or his mother and band. Kindly let us know what you have seen lately (when you have the time) ??

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