2018 Pryor Foal # 2

Nova 9-13
Nova, September 7, 2013

The second known foal was born this week in the Dryhead part of the range.  Born to the “Greeters” of the BigHorn Canyon.

Nova and her new foal. Photo taken by Jerry Anderson (BHCRA Ranger)
Nova and her new foal. Photo taken by BHCRA Ranger, Jerry Anderson

As I started to write this post, it reminded me of how long I had been following this group.  Although in recent years, the elusive Kitalpha joined them bringing with her Nova, her daughter from Bristol ( this move was very surprising to me.  She was a horse that would not often be seen, but yet she decided to join the most visible band in the Dryhead)  I decided to look back at one of my posts from the spring of 2012.  Here is the link to that post if you would like to learn more about this band.  THE GREETERS  

The greeters
The Greeters, April 2012
Hickok and Nova, June 2017
Prima, Nova and Kitalpha, June 2015
Kitalpha, Prima and Nova, June 2015

The second foal of 2018 was born to the mare Nova and Hickok.  Nova is the 2013 daughter of Kitalpha and Bristol.  Hickok is the 2007 son of Belle Starr and Starbuck.

Nova and her new foal. Photo taken by BHCRA Ranger, Todd Johnson.
Nova’s new foal.  Photo taken by BHCRA Ranger, Todd Johnson

It has been reported that the foal is a colt and has been named Sundance.  You can read more about this foal by clicking on this link.  BHCRA Facebook

Thank you Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area for the use of you photos!


6 thoughts on “2018 Pryor Foal # 2

  • Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for sending this information. I enjoy receiving this. I plan on being in Cody mid May and would love to get up to the pryors again. I think I can drive the back way we came down with my Outback, but I’ll have to check out the snow up there. Is it usually gone in May, do you know?



  • I think Nova is the new Washaskie, she defies all odds and birth controls. Hopefully there will be more mares like her who are immune to the drug, because the mountain needs more foals right now even if we risk a gathering.
    I still believe there is a chance for a Prima foal this year i don’t know why.
    Anyway really glad about the second foal,Sundance, i like the foaling period a lot and i hope most foals will be born by early summers and there won’t be any winter births

  • I love the name Sundance! I agree with sp Nova is the new Washakie. I think the little Sundance looks like no family member but I think the shape of his head is quite similar to that of Oceana at the same age. After this birth I think that no mare will give birth to a foal in April may be Manuelita Ketchican Labrava or Lariat because it seems to me that they have not been seen for a while

  • Very cute foal ! But there was already a horse named Sundance – ID 9413. I remember from looking at the Rev’s list on the non-harem list when you posted the photos of it long ago. I believe I’ve read they do not reuse names. Why did they started that practice ?

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