Who Will Have Foals in 2018?

Moenkopi with Cappucinno and a young Patterson, July 2015

Mares within the Pryor Wild Horse Herd, are given PZP (birth control) every year. Each year there is a group of mares that are in the “window” of possibly being able to foal, meaning that they have not been given PZP.  And every year, there will be some surprises from some, despite being vaccinated, and even though the below horses have not been vaccinated, it is not a guarantee that they will foal. Some have never conceived.

Because some of the horses were vaccinated later than normal last spring/summer, it is possible that they may have already been pregnant, (before given their vaccination), but will not be “officially” listed here.

I will start the list with the possible horses in the Dryhead.  There are only two mares that fall into that window this year, and one has already had her foal!

  1.  Jewel, 2009 daughter of Waif and Corona, currently in Fools Crow band.jewel

2.  Morgana, 2012 daughter of Icara and Merlin.  She was discovered by Bill Picket, NPS with a new foal last week.  The foal is supposedly a colt and it has been named Sorcerer.

Morgana and her new foal. Photo by Bill Picket, NPS.

Mountain Top Horses

  1. Jasmine, 2009 daughter of Aztec and Cloud.  Jamine gave birth to a healthy colt named Ryden in October of 2017.  If she conceived right away, she may have a foal in September of 2018.  Jasmine is currently in Doc’s band.
Jasmine and Ryden, October 2017. Photo by Pryor Wild

2.  Juniper, 2009 daughter of Sapo and Bolder.  Another late foal (Ruby) was born to Junipter the first part of November, 2017.  Again if she did conceive right away, she won’t have her foal until October, 2018.  I’m hoping she skips this year and gets back on track with a foal earlier in the season in 2019.  Juniper is currently in Horizon’s band.

Juniper and Ruby, November 2017. Photo by Jack Sterling
Wild in the Pryors
Juniper, summer of 2016

3.  Kohl, 2010 daughter of Quelle Colour and Lakota.  Kohl is currently in Garay’s band.

Kohl, 2016
Wild in the Pryors
Kohl, 2014

4. Ketchikan, 2010 daughter of Gold Rush and Two Boots, currently in Jasper’s band.

Ketchikan, July 2017

5.  Limerick, 2011 daughter of Ireland and Prince.  She is currently in Galaxy’s band.

Limerick, summer of 2016

5.  Labrava, 2011 daughter of Blue Souix and Coronado.  She is currently in Irial’s band.

Labrava with her look alike daughter Pilar, June 2016.

6.  Lariat, 2011 daughter of Madonna and Duke.  Lariat is currently in Jasper’s band.

Lariat with most of her band. From left to right: Oklahoma ( Lariat’s 2014 colt), Jasper, Okiotak and Lariat

7.  Maia, 2012 daughter of Hera and Prince.  Maia is currently with Hamlet.

Hamlet, Maia and Sapo, July 2017

8.  Manuelita, 2012 daughter of Dove and Coronado.  Manuelita is currently in Irials band.

Manuelita (middle) with Dove on the left.

9.  Moenkopi, 2012 daughter of Galena and Jackson.  She is currently in Cappuccino’s band.  I hope this is the year that she gives birth to a foal that lives.

Moenkopi nuzzling a young Patterson. June 2015.

I am looking forward to seeing some new foals this summer.  I am sure there will be some surprises!





25 thoughts on “Who Will Have Foals in 2018?

  • Sandy,
    This is always my favorite post of yours. We’re all so full of hope, aren’t we, and the promise of foals, wildflowers, and long summer twilight. I hope you get an eyeful of babies to enjoy.

  • I do like these posts – with the family information you provide there’s a sense of the history of the herd, plus it helps show which matrilines are currently being carried forward and which are not. Also, it seems so strange to realise that Manuelita, who was only two or so when I last saw her, is now of an age to be off PZP and having her own foals!

  • The horses have had so many wonderful Native American names. I love the name Sitting Bull, especially for a colt with a bloodline that goes back to that very special stallion, Lakota.

    • Hi Laura! You have been on my mind lately! I don’t think they will name another horse Sitting Bull, (even though he is deceased, Guinevere X Lancelot) but it would be a nice thought.

      • Guess that goes back further than I have info on some of the names. I agree there should be no confusion with two horses with the same name.

      • I am sure you remember Sitting Bull. You may not have seen him, but he and Cecilia had several offspring, Inniq is one of them. They were pretty exclusive to the lower Sykes Area. He passed away a couple years ago.

  • Great post and very informative. I remember when Moenkopi and Manuelita were just 2 year olds, time flies by fast it seems. Thanks for providing their history so we can come up with nice names, i noticed Half Moon and Hailstorm aren’t in the list, does that mean that they have been vaccinated again even though they haven’t foaled yet?It would be a very sad turn of events.
    Anyway i hope all the above mares become mothers so the current management program will be succesful and hopefully in the future there will be even less human interference

    • Thank you! Both Half Moon and Hailstorm were vaccinated last year. Half Moon does have Missoula on the range. Hailstorm has never foaled. There is a strong possibility that the PZP program will change and if it does, Hailstorm may still have a chance to have a foal.

      • Too bad about Hailstorm, i had read that the PZP program will change to include cases such as Hailstorm’s i just thought she and the rest of the H named horses had one more year. I miscalculated in that. Jacinta is vaccinated because she has two foals right? But what if Patriot or Rio will be removed in the upcoming gathering?

      • Yes, I guess that is why she was vaccinated.
        Patriot and Rio should not be removed. Jacinta only has two offspring on the range. We are trying to get them to consider the sire as well as the dam, which means that Garary is the sire and both of those lines are rare and not represented well.

  • Like every year it’s my favorite post! I think this year will be a good year for the mares. I thought that the mares born in 2012 were infertile and that the one of 2013 was not so much better because I really want to see a colt of Manuelita and a new colt of Maia and Moenkopi did not have Quivra in 2016 ? I’m also so happy to know that Limerick could have a foal with Galaxy. I talked to Abbie a while ago and she told me that the 2008 mares should have foals by 2018 no? I think Jasmine and Juniper will not have a foal this year, theirs were born really late in 2017, but I’m sure Firestorm and Ingrid will have a foal this year. Congratulations again for this beautiful post Sandy!

    • Thank you! Yes, Moenkopi had Quivra in 2016 and also Obsidian in 2014. She is one of those horses who does not always respond to the PZP. No, Firestorm and Innocentes were both given PZP in 2017, so they most likely will not conceive (but you never know!) All of the “I” girls were also vaccinated in 2017.

  • Thanks for your answers ! Is Quivra alive? Heritage and Hailstorm are also treated even if they have no foals on the range? Oceana was treated last year?

    • No, Quivra is not alive. Hertiage and Hailstorm were treated in 2017. We are hoping that some changes will be made to the PZP program which would allow them to perhaps have another chance to conceive. Yes, Oceana was treated.

  • I always enjoy these posts in anticipation of the new foals. Especially now with all the bad news that seems to be surrounding these horses. It will be great for you to be able to head up to the range again and enjoy these new young lives.

    I’m really glad to hear some changes are being made to the PZP program to make it more flexible. There are several H mares, Halo, Hailstorm and Heritage, who have no offspring on the range so it would be great if they, and Gaelic Princess as well, were left unvaccinated so they have a chance to have at least one foal on the range.

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