2018, Name Game, The “S” Year


Penny (Pele), daughter of Fools Gold and Coronando. June 2015

This will be the 6th year that I have made this post. This is a “fun” only post where any of you can suggest names for the 2018 foals born in the Pryors.  Of course, like on all the previous years, I can not guarantee that they will be used, but it will be fun to list them, and I do know that whenever a foal is born, I come to this post to look at all of the suggestions.  And if you can, please include the meaning for the name, it would be very helpful to know that.

In 2000, the BLM started using a letter for each year of foals, starting with A.  This year is the S year.  So please feel free to list your ideas in the comment section of this post.  To read more about this system and why we use names, please refer to my Name Game post that I did last in 2013.  Click on Name Game to go there. Or you can go to the Center’s latest post and read more about it as well.  Click on Center to go there.

I am looking forward to reading all of your suggestions.  If someone else has already posted your name idea, please list it again anyway.  It will be fun to see what the most popular name suggestions are!

If you haven’t already read my post about “who will foal in 2018”, click on FOALS 2018.  That way you can get an idea on who may foal.  Thank you!


Petra, daughter of Galena and Doc. June 2015

14 thoughts on “2018, Name Game, The “S” Year

  • S has lots of options! For a Jewel foal, Sapphire, Sardonyx, Spinel, Sterling or Silmaril – or perhaps something to do with the sun to honour Corona, maybe even Sunstone. For a Jasmine foal, there are flower names like Sage, Sassafras, Snapdragon, Snowdrop, or, if one runs with the eastern origin of her name, Stateira for a filly (one of the daughters of the Persian King Darius); Stateira could also work perhaps for a Kohl filly, as her name too comes from Arabic. Floral and plant names are also thematically good for a Juniper foal.

    A Ketchikan foal could pick up on the Alaskan theme of its dam’s name – plenty of Alaskan towns and cities with S-names, including a Sitka! I don’t know enough about the history and meaning of the names to suggest one that would be appropriate, but with Jasper as the sire a mineral name might work – and Sterling is both a place in Alaska and a reference to silver (which would also go nicely with Gold Rush). A mineral/geological name would also suit a Moenkopi foal, to pick up on Galena’s name as well.

    There are plenty of lovely Irish options for Limerick, Sian, Shannagh, Shannon, Siobhan, Sinead, Seamus, Sean, if a star-related one for Galaxy won’t do. And for a Maia foal by Hamlet, Shakespeare is always a possibility for a colt. If the Greek theme of Maia’s name is preferred, Sarpedon, Scorpio, and Sophocles for a colt, or Selene, Siren, Semele, Sparta, Sphinx, for a filly, amongst many others.

    Galaxy (and perhaps Horizon) foals could have names like Star, Sirius, Saturn, Selene, Supernova.

    S is a year with a good many options. I look forward to seeing other people’s suggestions, and the eventual chosen names of the youngsters!

  • That’s ok, just kind of confused for a moment. I kind of like the name Sundance and Sheridan. Could use with any new born this year. Star Gazer, Storm or Stormy, Sun Cloud. May think of more later.

  • Slinker, Sloane, Stardust, Surreal, Stratus, Sherman, Stonewall, Soto, Sea Shell, Satine, Samba, Snoozer, Sojourner, Native American Names> Sihu > Means Flower, Sakima> Means King, Sik’is > Means Friend, Soyala > Means Time Of The Winter Solstice. Songaa > Means Strong, Sooleawa > Means Silver, Sunki > Means To Catch Up With

  • It’s that exciting time of year again. Lots of possibilities for S names.

    Sirius (the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation)

    Sydney (continuing the Australian theme on the off chance Naara foals this year)

    Sapphire (for a Jewel foal)

    Shakespeare (for a Hamlet relative)

    Shannon (the longest river in Ireland)

    Spruce (all botanical themed names)

    Storm or Storm Cloud (on the off chance Nimbus foals this year)


  • Hello
    This is my contribution (from Paris – France)
    So French
    Sancho Panca
    Sam Williams
    Sam Bourbon
    Saint Simon

    Some of them were racing horses, some of which were very well known

  • Here is my idea for names:
    for Jewel’s foal(it will be nice to have a Ruby in Mountain top and a Sapphire in Dry heard)

    moon for a Half Moon’s foal(because its no harm in hoping)

    Silver Lining
    for Jasmine’s foal(if she foals again it would be probably one of the last foals born and considering that a gathering is happening in 2018 or 2019, we will need a foal with an uplifting name, for hope. That’s way it will be connected with it’s brother Ryden who was named after Ryden Hope)

    for Juniper’s foal(i too hope she skips a year but just in case, Sky is for Horizon and Spirit is in case she gives birth to a buckskin foal,which for me brings back memories of an animated movie about a wild horse with the same name)

    Sisseton, Santee,Spotted Tail
    For a Kohl foal(the names are relative to native Sioux tribe, and are a connection to Lakota her sire)

    For a Ketchikan foal(sunstone is jewerly and connects to the father, Skyros is a greek island in which resides one of the most primitive and ancient horse breed, which has no close modern relatives. It is believed that those were the horses that are sculptured in Parthenon and since it is in danger, i believe its a great way to help people know about the situation of the wild horses worldwide

    For a Limerick foal(the first few names are related to Galaxy, while Successor,Siege,Soldier have a royalty meaning and Prince was a regal horse worth of remembering_

    for a Labrava horse(Soldado means a soldier and Solido meands solid strenght, since brava means couragious i took it from that)

    For Lariat(i just like the names )

    For a Maia foal(mainly ispired by greek goddess and shakespeare)

    Soledad,Silvana,Silveria,Silver Stone,Smoke
    For Manuelita(Soledad means solitude, and wild horses deserve solitude from humans,. Dove is a smoky palomino and her daughter is grayish too,so it is possible of her foal to have this silver,smoky colour)

    For Moenkopi’s foal

    And just a few others just in case:
    Shooting Star, Starcrossed, Secondo
    For a Prima foal,(i have seen some photographs and Prima’s belly was suspiciously familiar with Nova’s when she was pregnant with her and last year with Rigel Star, so who knows, maybe this bloodline defies all odds)

    For a Hailstorm foal(just i case)

    For an Encore foal(just in case again)

    Suggestions in general

    Silver Lining,i repeat the name for everyhorse because it has a beautiful meaning in our difficults times.

    Anyway it was quite fun , thanks for this post and keep doing your awesome job, hopefully this years the good news will outweight the bad

  • Sparrow
    Sabriel – an awesome lady character from a fantasy series by Garth Nix
    Sola – a term of respect used for a leader in a fantasy novel called The Blue Sword
    Santiago – capital of Chile
    Shasta – a mountain in the Cascade range in California (also the name of a group of Native Americans)
    Saga – norse goddess of wisdom
    Sedona – city in Arizona
    Silverado – cirt in California, name of a western film
    Solana(f)/Solano(m) – solarium, exposed to the sun

  • Sabino/Sabina – Italian for “keeper of the peace”
    Sable – Old English meaning “black fur”
    Saffron – Arabic meaning “golden leaves”
    Safira – Esperanto meaning “like a sapphire”
    Sage – English denotation for a wise person
    Sakura – Japanese meaning “cherry blossom”
    Sancho – Spanish for “saintly”; also the name of the squire in the novel ‘Don Quixote”
    Saraid – Irish Gaelic meaning “excellent”
    Savitri – Hindu meaning “of the sun”
    Saxon – German tribe derived from the German word meaning “knife”
    Serafin – Hebrew meaning “fiery ones”

  • I think there is already a lot of name so I do not want to add too much but here are a few: Sinner prayer for an Kohl or Lariat foal. Saito that does not mean anything but I find this name lively and simple (for an Manuelita foal). Sardana it’s a dance in Italy and I love this name so much (for an Manuelita foal). Sincere that corresponds to sincerity in French. And an other name for an Manuelita foal Silvana or Silvania . Siam for an Maia foal its an indian name

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