First Pryor Foal of 2018!

Morgana and her new foal. Photo by Bill Picket, NPS, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

The first Pryor Foal of 2018 was born to Morgana and (most likely) Johnston.  Morgana is the 2012 daughter of Icara and Merlin.  Johnston is the 2009 son of Cascade and Seattle.

Morgana was expected to foal this year (according to the PZP program), so this was not an unexpected birth.  It is a bit early, but with her living in the Dryhead, she should hopefully do okay.

No word on name or if it is a colt or a filly.  My friends Sarah and Abbie have suggested the name Surprise.  I think that is would be perfect.  It was the first word that I thought of when I saw this post on the BHCNR facebook page!!  Click on Bighorn to see that post.

Thank you to Bill Picket, NPS for allowing me to use his photo!


8 thoughts on “First Pryor Foal of 2018!

  • Hello , Im so happy because Osage can’t survived . Surprise is a cool name ! It’s really early to have a foal at this time, but I’m glad Morgana is again able to have a colt I hope that this year’s foals will continue to arrive in the next few months and I think this year will be better than the last two . I’m still waiting for your post “who will have foals? »Lol

  • What a nice surprise indeed!!! It seems that the Dryheard horses have a tendency to foal earlier than the mountain top but this is way too soon. I hope everything will be fine with the foal and i have a feeling this year we will see a lot more births, it always happens in the wild.
    So Morgana was of the drug for the first time and managed to foal her first year off? Thats encouraging considering that other mares struggled with infertility.
    Can’t wait to see your ”who will foal next ” post so i can start thinking ‘S’ names.
    Ps i too want to comment on BLM ‘s page and offer my opinion

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