2017 Pryor Foal # 9

Ruby 1
Ruby, daughter of Juniper and Horizon.  Photo by Jack Sterling.

I am a little late with this good news post.  Foal # 9 for 2017 was born around November 8th, 2017.   It is a filly who has been named Ruby.  Ruby is the daughter of Juniper and Horizon.


Juniper is the 2009 daughter of Sapo and Bolder.  Horizon is the 2007 son of Felina and Morning Star.

This was another birth that we were all looking forward to.  This is also the band that the beloved Fiesta was in.  I can’t help but think that he is looking down on this little one and watching out for her from above.  I witnessed Fiesta with Joviana’s foal in 2012 (they were both removed in 2012), he was so in love with that little foal, it was really touching to watch him play with him.

Horizon and Fiesta

Welcome to the world little Ruby, may you live a long and peaceful life on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.

Thank you Jack Sterling for the use of your photos of Ruby!

Juniper and Ruby, November 30, 2017.  Photo by Jack Sterling.


8 thoughts on “2017 Pryor Foal # 9

  • the most anticipated foal of pryors is finally born! I hope she will survive the winter. I talked to Abbie and she told me that she thought that according to BLM’s contraceptive protocol Kohl Ingrid Labrava and Lariat might be pregnant. Personally I’m pretty sure Firestorm is pregnant I find her belly really round (I really hope for a Manuelita foal!) Do you think she will have foals in 2018? When you make the post « who will have foal in 2018 » ?

    • Hi Llyan. Yes, those mares are in the “PZP free” window, but that does not mean they are pregnant now. We will just have to wait and see…. I usually make that post in January- February. Firestorm is currently receiving PZP, but that does not mean she is not pregnant, you never know for sure.. Thanks for your comment. Sandy

  • Its really a relief watching Juniper finally becoming a mother just like Jasmine, so happy that they aren’t infertile, still hoping for a surprise from Hailstorm,(maybe she will get pregnant from London , since there are a few Morning star offsprings already). Hopefully both Juniper and Jasmine will take a year off and if they ever have another baby they will foal in a more appropriate time of the year. I also hope that Hera isn’t pregnant right now, because after so many bad news it feels too good to be true that another winter foal will do as well as Ruby.

    Anyway hopefully all the horses will get the chance to become parents to at least one foal. I feel like the stallions have it worse than the mares, because they have to get the right band members at the right time and be lucky that the mares are fertile while under their care or else they lose their opportunity all together. Which is why i hope for an Encore baby because Knight might not be able to keep her for all her window of opportunitie’s years

    Anyway congratulations Bolder for your first granchild!!!(God knows when/if Lobo and Echo will manage to produce a foal)congratulations Horizon for your first foal you earned it and Junipe enjoy motherhood to the fullest !!!

    Happy Holidays and keep doing your amazing work that allows us to keep in touch with the herd

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