2017 Pryor Foal # 8

This was a much-anticipated foal for many of us who have followed these horses!!     Jasmine had been off of PZP for a few years and I think we all expected and wanted her to foal sooner.  As one year turned into two of not conceiving, it crossed my mind that she could perhaps have become sterile.   Abbie and I were relieved to see her looking round in July.   But as the months seemed to go on without her foaling, I wondered if perhaps we were wrong.  Was she just fat?!

Jasmine, July 2016

We finally have the answer to that question.  She has finally had her foal!  After a few weeks of sad news, this makes this news even better.

TCF made this statement which explains the name that has been choosen:

” The Pryor Mustang Center confirmed his name is Ryden—in honor of Hope Ryden who is largely responsible for saving this herd from total removal in the 60’s. Hope died this year and what an honor this little guy holds, as he carries her name well into the 21st century. ”

Nancy ( PMWMC) was very kind in contacting me to let me know the name they choose.  She knew that Abbie and I had choosen that name for the little foal ( # 3) that got separated shortly have her birth.  FOAL # 3    I agree that this name is a good choice for Jasmine’s foal.   Hopefully this foal will live a long and healthy life on the range and we can all be reminded of what Hope Ryden did for this special herd of horses.

Jasmine and her colt Ryden, Photo taken by Steve Cerroni

Jasmine is the 2009 daughter of Aztec and Cloud.   But who is the sire?  Only Jasmine knows for sure.  My list would include these possible stallions:  Doc (who she has been with for a while, but does wander,  whenever she can get away with it!). Cappuccino, (who she has wandered to many times), Mescalero (who she was caught flirting with) or even Horizon (who stole Galena away from Doc last fall).

2345 jpg
Jasmine, February, 2013

Thank you Nancy and Steve Cerroni for the use of your photos!  I am looking forward to seeing this little one!


Jasmine and her colt Ryden. Photo by Steve Cerroni.

8 thoughts on “2017 Pryor Foal # 8

  • I am really glad with the news!!!
    And you really voiced my own concerns at the begginning, Every year when you write the post about the new possible mothers and i read about the same mares who haven’t foaled yet, i keep thinking that maybe the drug worked too well for them and they became infertile. So it was such a relief for Jasmine to have her foal even its already October. I hope the other mares both from the mountain top and the dryherds will have their chance, Including Icara who lost hers.
    So last Autumn Jasmine was wandering around between stallions? Regardless of the sire i hope Ryden will live and prosper in the range since he is his mother’s fistborn so genetically he stands a chance against removal

    Thinking back to the foal that Firestorm kidnapped earlier this summer and how the mares harrassed it, makes me think, what changes their behaviour with the foal born in their band? Perhaps they recognise Ryden as one of their own with no confusion? or Perhaps Jasmine is protective of him and does not allow the other mares too close?

    In any case i am glad the foaling season ended on a high note, eventhough only 5 foals are survivingcurrently Ps: Any pictures of Rigel Star? she must look really big , since she was born on April

  • Thank you for the update on a new colt. It has been a hard year on the foals. Since this one was born so late in the season, I sure hope he makes it this time. I still love all the posts and pictures. Bless you Sandy for all you do.

  • I’m so happy finally a foal of Jasmine! but the winter will be tough for this little … I also wanted to know in what band warbonnet and phoenix was?

  • Maybe little foal #3 could be called “Remembering Hope (Ryden)” ? She definitely needs a fitting name which says that she WON’T be Forgotten! <3 While her tragic story occurred so near to the death of Ms. Ryden, and seemed a good sentiment at the time; I admit that a part of me really Wished that her “namesake” would /could be running around the mountain for a very long time… and I HOPE that this one will be the magic one. {I do hope that you 2 will not be offended by the naming? }. Thanks for every sharing that you give us of these magnificent beings <3

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