2017 Pryor Foal # 7 Deceased

Wild in the Pryors
Rosarita ( Isodora’s mom), Isadora and Lemi, July 2011.

This is a very hard and heartbreaking post.  I was told today that Isadora was found dead on the mountain top.  It was determined that she passed giving birth, the foal did not survive.   What a horrible and tragic way to go.  I pray that she did not suffer long and that she and her foal passed quietly.  I am sure that she is standing next to her sire Starman and her little foal, Lemi that passed in 2011-12 winter.  Rest in Peace.  You will be so missed.

Isadora is the 2008 daughter of Rosarita and Starman.  The sire of the foal was Morning Star, he is the 1996 son of Washakie and Plenty Coup.

7 Foals have been born this year, 4 survived.

Isadora and Morning Star.  Photo taken by Abbie Branchflower.  I love this photo!

2017 has been a very difficult year.  We have lost a lot of horses.  This loss, coming off of Blanca’s death just 10 days ago.

For those of us that are so close to these horses, it is extremely difficult.  Since Lakota’s death, I have tried to be a bit more distant, but truly, that is not who I am, or who I want to be, I feel each death and tragedy on the mountain.  2017 has been one of pain, and I pray that 2018 will bring us more joy.

Once again I am going to stress and ask that we not rush into another removal.  The mountain is doing it’s own natural part right now to adjust the population.  Sixteen horses will be over the age of 20 next year, that alone should be taken into consideration.

Rest in Peace Isadora and foal, we can not understand, but for whatever reason, this was your time to go.


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