2017 Pryor Foal # 6

Morning Reverie and her Mom Hataali

Pryor Foal # 6 was born in August to Hataali and Morning Star.  A Filly named Morning Reverie.

Hataali is the 2007 daughter of Sapo and Shaman, Morning Star is the 1996 son of Washakie and Plenty Coups.  Morning Star was 21 this year, so this will most likely be one of his last foals.

Morning Reverie thinks she can boss Dad around!
She gives it her best try!

Thank you Linda Dombeck for your great photos (taken on August 29th). This little filly seems to have a lot of personally and I am looking forward to seeing her grow up on the range!

Morning Star and his band move down towards the water.

This year, the effects of the PZP (birth control on the mares) seems to be working.  With only 4 live foals for this year and the loss of at least 9 horses for the 2017 year, that leaves us with a negative 5 growth.  This will be the second year where there has been negative or very little population growth.  I am hoping that this will be noted and taken into account when the discussion of a removal comes around.  We need to carefully watch the genetics and assure that a healthy amount of horses are allowed to stay on the range.


Morning Reverie, August 29, 2017

18 thoughts on “2017 Pryor Foal # 6

  • I was wondering why there weren’t many reports of new foals this year and then you noted the PZP which I had forgotten about. I’m hoping this means less cause for a removal in the future if there isn’t a steady population increase. This one is cute, thanks for sharing!

  • Is there going to be another round up regardless the decreasing population and foaling? If so i hope genetics are a big part of the equation. In that scenario there should be no favourites, for example Pride, whom i really love and hope to live in the range but he has many siblings, including two full siblings and even though his colour is rare , it is still represented by his niece, Juniper , Bolder’s only daughter. O f course i hope there will be no removals, but its obviously things need to change and PZP is not an ideal solution

    Ps I believe Jasmine is excpecting to foal this autumn so for what is worth there might be 7 foals this year

    • Thank you for your comment! Yes, there will most likely be another removal unfortunately. I agree that there needs to be a fair and equal look at the genetics of all the horses with no favoritism to any, as hard as that might be. I’m not sure about Jasmine, maybe, Isadora is a maybe too. Either way, if they are, I hope they foal soon. 🙂

  • So concerned about the next removal. So many of the P’s, Q’s, and R’s have bloodlines that desperately need to be saved. And also concerned about the growing number of mares with no representation on the range. Thanks for the above post – love the pictures of the “Daddy sasses”!!

  • What a sweet, sassy little girl! Hope she will be okay going into winter. We finally made it to the Pryors earlier this month, and although we didn’t go into the high country, we did see quite a few horses along the highway drive. Maybe next time we’ll go up to see the others. Thanks for the great photos.

  • Thanks for the update. It’s very much appreciated by people like me who can’t easily make it to the Pryors and have to make do with living vicariously through Facebook posts and blogs like yours.
    Great photos of Morning Reverie. She’s a little spitfire isn’t she? So gorgeous. I always try not to get too attached to the foals in case they don’t survive or they get removed, but there always seems to be one or two that manage to get under my skin and I have a feeling she’s going to be that one for me this year.
    I find it a bit concerning that so many mares in the no PZP window aren’t foaling but that’s another issue for another time. As others have said, if there is another removal in the near future I hope the horses’ bloodlines are the primary consideration. The P horses especially are going to be tricky because so many of them are from rarer lines. Pride and Pegasus are the two obvious cantidates for removal but you could make a case for pretty much any of the others to stay.

    • Hi Phoebe, Thank you for your comment. There seems to always be a foal that gets under my skin too, it is hard not too.. There personalities really seem to come out early and you can’t help but fall in love. Loving these wild horses is not easy. There is much joy, but usually much pain as well. But it is all worth it.

  • Oh my god ! I love him ! Please Can you made more news of pryor because this year we dont have many article …
    When we speak of the death horse this year ? Jasmine and isadora are pregnant but who are another mare maybe pregnant ? This year we dont have many foals …

  • yes I hope they have her foal because the winter is complicated for foal . I hope in 2018 we have the foals of Juniper and Manuelita or any other who dont have foal …

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