Introducing Rue!!

Foal # 5, Thanks Abbie!! 🙂

Pryor Hoofprints


This morning our group had the great joy and privilege of discovering the most recent Pryor foal. Sometime on July 16th, Jacinta gave birth to a sturdy foal. Baby is already showing dun factor stripes, and has a big blaze, just like mum!

IMG_8480cr Family photo!

At the beginning of the summer I had mentioned to Sandy that I would like to name a Jacinta foal “Rue.” We both adored the name, and have often questioned throughout our trips just exactly when little Rue would finally introduce him or herself! I picked the name to tie in with the plant theme of Jacinta (a flower), and her dam Rosebud. I am so thrilled to finally have the opportunity to discover and name a Pryor foal!!

IMG_8527cr I can’t get over how cute he is!!

It’s hard to put into words just how excited Sandy and I were this morning. As we hadn’t…

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Rue!!

  1. Very exciting news, do we have any information on its gender? i hope its a filly as we have enough young bachelors for now. Also do you have any pictures of Regel Star? she must be growing up really well . Along with Washaskie’s colt we have 3 living foals this year. Hopefully Jasmine and a few others will give the 3 foals some company by the end of August

  2. I am just so happy i love jacinta but who are the dad of this little baby? I have another question ? Feldspar and dove and labrava are pregnants? Where is blue sioux? Why pryor foal#5? Thanks for your post and sorry for my english im french

    1. Hi! Sorry for the confusion. I let my friend Abbie make a post about Rue, and I just reposted it. I am working on a post for foals 4 and 5 right now and will have it up shortly!

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