First Pryor Foal of 2017

Rigel Starr, Nova’s new Filly!

The first known foal of 2017 was discovered on April 4, 2017.  This little filly is the daughter of Nova and Hickok.  Nova is the 2013 daughter of Kitalpha and Bristol.  Hickok is the 2007 son of Belle Starr and Starbuck.  Her name was picked by the Mustang Center to honor her grandmother Belle Starr, who has been missing, and also to stay with the theme of her other grandmother, Kitalpha.  Kitalpha is the brightest star in Equuleus and Rigel is a star in Orion.

Welcome beautiful, sturdy little one!  May you live your days wild and free!


Many thanks to Nancy Cerroni of the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center for allowing me to use her photos!


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