Who Will Have Foals in 2017?

Most of Jasper’s Band, July 2015, right to left: Jasper, Okiotak, Milicent, Ketchikan and Oklahoma, (Lariat is out of the frame).

Mares within the Pryor Wild Horse Herd, are given PZP (birth control) every year.  Each year there is a group of mares that are in the “window” of possibly being able to foal, meaning that they have not been given PZP.    And every  year, there will be some surprises from some, despite being vaccinated, and even though the below horses have not been vaccinated, it is not a guarantee that they will foal.  Some have never conceived.

We must be careful with this special herd, in 2016, there were 10 deaths, and 11 births, leaving only a population increase of 1 horses.  You can click on the post I did in October 2016, ( The Horses that have Passed) if you would like to learn more about that.  Since I wrote that post, the death of Quivira (Moenkopi foal) increased the deaths to 10.   Keeping a close watch on the population gain and adjusting the PZP accordingly, will make this herd healthy and viable to carry on into the future.  We must carefully watch which mares are vaccinated and what horses are removed and make sure that we keep an equal balance of representation for all of the horses on the range, regardless of color, or favorites.

I anticipate that 2017 will be a low birth year.  Below are the mares who may foal.

Dry Head Horses


  1.  Halo, 2007  daughter of Waif and Corona, currently in Fools Crow band.

Wild in the Pryors

2.  Jewel, 2009 daughter of Waif and Corona, currently in Fools Crow band.



2.  Kitalpha, 2010 daughter of Buffalo Girl and Durango, currently on her own, with her two daughters, but was with Hickok.

Kitalpha, photo by Laura Curtis


Mountain Top Horses

  1.  Hataali, 2007 daughter of Sapo and Shaman, currently in Morning Star’s Band.


2.  Hailstorm,  2007 daughter of Aztec and Cloud, currently in Morning Star’s band.  She has never foaled.


3.  Hera, 2007 daughter of Audubon and Morning Star, currently in Galaxy’s band.

Wild in the Pryorshera

4.  Heritage, 2007 daughter of Warbonnet and Lakota.  Her only living offspring was removed in 2012, she has not foaled since.  She is currently in Doc’s band.


5.  Isadora, 2008 daughter of Rosarita and Starman, she has not foaled since 2011. (the foal is deceased).  She is currently in Morning Star’s band.

Wild in the Pryors
Isadora with her 2001 foal and her mother Rosarita.
Isadora and Morning Star, July 2016, photo by Abbie Branchflower

6.  Jacinta, 2009 daughter of Rosebud and most likely Tecumseh, she is currently in Garay’s band.

Patriot and Jacinta, July 2015
Jacinta and Patriot, July 2016
Garay’s Band, July 2016

7.  Jasmine, 2009 daughter of Aztec and Cloud, has never foaled, currently in Doc’s band, but moves around frequently.


8.  Juniper, 2009 daughter of Sapo and Bolder, currently in Horizon’s band.  She has never foaled.


9.  Ketchikan, 2010 daughter of Gold Rush and Two Boots, currently in Jasper’s band.


10.  Kohl, 2010 daughter of Quelle Colour and Lakota, she is currently in Garay’s band.


As with every year, I will keep you posted on the new births as soon as I learn about them.



17 thoughts on “Who Will Have Foals in 2017?

  • Thanks much for the info. I’m trying to retain more of the data for myself, each year. You are a great help. I truly hope only enough foals are born to maintain the genetic viability of the herd. I hate when it becomes necessary for some to be removed. Yes, most of the stories of the adopted turn out well, but not all. It would be great if the mares who have lost foals or who haven’t foaled in a long time would be the ones to foal. It’s an exciting time, no matter what. 🙂

  • Thanks Sandy! Great pictures, post, and info! Looking forward to spring in the Pryors and here in Maine (5th snowstorm here in 9 days – we are buried!).

  • Hi Does Sapo have any possibility of being pregnant? It would be nice to see Killian’s first foal,
    What about Fedspar and Firestorm? they usually foal the past couple of years , did they get treated last summer?

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment and name ideas! Sapo was born in 1998, she will be 19 this summer and has been treated with PZP for several years. The chance of her having a foal is very unlikely. Yes, Feldspar and Firestorm both were treated last spring. (2016).

      • Thanks for answering!!! If Firestorm won’t foal this year then i guess chances a name like Rainstorm being picked will be limited, unless Niobrara or Hailstorm do foal. In any case the important thing is that Fedspar and Firestorm had their chances and i hope some less lucky and prolific mares will be helped by the window of opportunity and foal

  • Is the reason that some of the mares that have never foaled or foaled only once and not since because they ARE being treated with PZP? I hope so and not because they are treated and now sterile which is what I have been reading can be a side effect! :(…example Heritage. 5 when she had her foal in 2012 and not had one since…she is getting considerably older. Her foal was my FAVORITE 🙁 ever on the range!

    • Hi Gina. Some of the horses, like Hertiage should have conceived again. Kootenai was her last foal. We all keep hoping that she will foal again…. the list of horses on this page are the ones who are not being treated with PZP at this time, but have been treated with it before. I do believe some horses may have an adverse reaction to it and may be sterile.

  • Hi , i don’t know when you will post about the first foal so i will just ask a question here.
    First off all that is a very beautiful little filly and can’t wait to have more updates on her.
    But why Nova was able to foal since she belongs to the ”N ” letter mares and so she should be darted because she is too young to have foals , and i know she had Prima too as a two year old, so wasn’t she darted last year or because her lineage was small and needed to have more horses? I understand that there is no hurry in the case of Nimbus and Niobrara but i still find it a bit unfair. Unless of course Nova gave birth despite treatment which raises the question how dangerous the treatment is.

    Anyway i didn’t mean to complain haha because i actually like Hickok’s band and i am exited about his new little foal

    • Hi, I shared the Center’s post on my Wild In The Pryors Facebook page and I am waiting for some good photos of the foal along with the name and sex before I post here.

      According to the records, Nova was vaccinated on March 16, 2016, so it apparently did not take. There are some horses on the range (Washakie is a very good example), that the vaccine just doesn’t work on and of course there are others who have yet to conceive because it may have made them sterile. All horses that fall into the group are vaccinated, sometimes they can not be found etc..Nova conceived as a yearling, giving birth as a two year old. Yearlings are not vaccinated. No favoritism was given in Nova’s case.

      • Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know that the vaccines don’t always work. Now i admire Nova even more because she has bitten the odds with her pregnancy.
        Can’t to find out the little filly’s name!!!

  • I was curious if Halo has ever foaled before? I also found it kind of funny that so far the only foals are out of mares that were given PZP!

      • Oh! Thank you for subduing my curiosity! I noticed that the horses to foal this year were the H, I, J, K names and some mares were missing. Is that because their lineage is already strong and they keep having offspring? (For instance Halfmoon, Firestorm, Halcyon, etc. )

      • Hi Liz, Yes, that is true for Firestorm and Halcyon, they were given PZP last year. Halfmoon was also to be given it in 2016, but she was not, so she may foal, although I don’t believe she looks like she will. S

  • I was curious if Halo has ever foaled before? I also found it kind of funny that so far the only foals are out of mares that were given PZP!

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