2017 Wild In The Pryors Calendar


Below is a snapshot of my 2017 Calendar.  You can order now, and be sure to have it before the beginning of the year.  They are printed on premium satin card stock, not the light weight calendar paper that is usually used.  It would be possible to even place them in a frame after the year is done!  The calendars are $24.00 and includes domestic shipping costs.   I have sent many calendars to other countries, contact me for an additional quote on that shipping price.

Horses in Photos:

January:  Irial and Lobo

February: Nimbus

March: Jasper

April: Blanca

May: Custer and Winnemucca

June: Ireland and Quillian

July:  Blue Moon and Custer

August:  Doc

September:  Doc’s Band, Tecumseh, and Mescalero’s band

October: Knight and Nimbus

November: Jackson

December: Irial


text or email to place your order:  406-360-8959 or wildinthepryors@aol.com


2 thoughts on “2017 Wild In The Pryors Calendar

  • That’s it? I’ve wondered why you have not been sending much News recently – all summer, actually? I’m surprised (and disappointed) ; seems like you are losing interest!?

    • You may want to check out my Wild In The Pryor Facebook page. I do a lot more updating on there. I did live feed from the mountain while I was there, which is an option with Facebook. No, I am not losing interest, just focusing more on the Facebook/Instagram. Also there are many more people going up there with reports on the horses, so I felt it wasn’t as necessary to post here as often.

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