2017 Wild In The Pryors Camping!

Galaxy and his 2016 filly, Quillian.

Below are the tour dates for my 2017 summer.  I will only be doing two trips open to the public in the summer of 2017.  I will still be on the mountain in between these dates, hosting a group of students from Canada for a private 3 week adventure.

June 19-22, 2017.   A lot of action between stallions and bands, clear beautiful skies and LONG days.  The sun rises around 5:15 a.m. and doesn’t set until after 10 p.m.

July 15-18, 2017.  Mid-July is a great time to be on the mountain.  The wildflowers should be in full bloom, and the new foals will be running, playing and napping in them!


These trips will be 4 days/3 nights on the mountain top.   This trip includes: transportation up and down the mountain, all food, snacks, tents, and expert personal guiding. (last night dinner is on your own once we return to Cody).  Pick up at the Cody Airport can be arrange with for a small fee.


There are many great hotels in Cody, you will be responsible for making your own arrangements before and after the trip.  AirBnb is also a great source to find some lodging.  I can pick you up at your hotel the morning of our first day, or you can meet me at my house in Cody.

All payments are considered non-refundable. Refunds may be made when cancellations can be filled.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS, so please consider purchasing travel insurance on your own!!  Here is a link to travel insurance purchase.  This insurance is not through Wild In The Pryors.  Please explore this or another travel insurance company for your trip.   TRIP INSURANCE

Camping trips will be limited to 4 guests.  Sandy will have an assistant with her who will do the camp cooking and help you with any camping needs.  Sandy will personally be doing all of the guiding.

For reservations:  Contact Sandy

Phone: 406-360-8959 

email:  wildinthepryors@aol.com

“The Brothers”  Blue Moon and Custer, July 2016

All trips leave from Cody, Wyoming (unless other arrangements are made).  Airports nearby: Billings, Montana.  Cody, Wyoming.  Arrangements can be made for pick-up at the Cody Airport.

A 50% down payment is required upon booking with the remainder due 6 weeks prior to your trip.

All payments are considered non-refundable. Refunds may be made when cancellations can be filled.

 Anyone interested in a trip will be asked to complete a Pre-Screening Health Questionnaire, and those who book a trip will be required to sign an Acknowledgement of Responsiblity and Assumption of Risk document, as per Montana State Law.



Wild in the Pryors is permitted by the Bureau of Land Management to conduct small group tours within the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range from January to December. Wild in the Pryors is one of a handful of businesses that have the federal permits necessary to guide clients onto this federal property.


Sandy has been camping in the Pryors Range for several years, spending weeks at a time  with the horses.

Whether you bring a professional camera, or just a cell phone to take photos, Sandy goes out of her way to make sure you leave the mountain with cherished memories of your once in a life-time camping trip.

The stories she and her assistant share about the horses and the range, make this trip more than just a chance to view them, she makes this a trip more about knowing the horses, giving you a brief glance into the life of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses.

Experience living with the horses 24 hours a day and in doing so, this can give you a better understanding of what it is like to live wild on the range!

All tours may include light to moderate hiking.


A Review from a few of my guests from last year:

Fields of Dreams
If you are searching for an adventure, if you’d love to see and photograph some of the oldest descendants in the founding of America, if you love horses, nature and the out of doors, consider a trip with Sandy Palen and “Wild In The Pryors”.
The road up to the mountain top is a bit rough, however, once you get up there it will take your breath away.  Your first spotting of the horses will cause your heart to skip a beat.  And it just gets better from there.  
Sandy knows these horses like the back of her hands.  She knows the details of the stallions, their bands, their mares and their foals.  She knows their history.  She has a sense of where they will be in the mornings and where they might be in the afternoons.  And she loves them!  
Along with being a great photographer, Sandy is an expert at camping and has everything so organized it makes camping easy.  All someone has to do is show up.  I had never camped nor slept in a tent and it was the most amazing thing.  I wish I had that view from my tent every morning when I wake up.   Sandy cooked delicious meals on top of that mountain; and a sandwich for lunch never tasted better than on that mountain.  The views of the country side, the Bighorn Mountains and the Bighorn Canyon were unbelievable.  You can see miles and miles of both Montana and Wyoming from up there.
The horses in the Pryor Mountains are descendants of the horses brought over to America in the 1600s.  They came with the original explorers who came to America.  It is beyond words to be a part of these incredible animals and to be able to bring home memorable photographs of them.  Advocating for and helping to save the mustangs running free becomes very real to you.  
I had attempted to make this trip for several years, however, was unable to.  So when I was finally able to go this summer I left all my expectations at home.  What I found up there was beyond my wildest dreams and more than anything I could have hoped for.  We saw a foal only a few hours after she was born.  We had almost every horse on the mountain walk or run by our camp sight two evenings in a row.  I had the privilege of seeing the oldest horse on the mountain, a mare, still loving her band. Photographing the horses against the sunset two nights in a row is still a vision in my memory.  I hope some day to return and hope these horses are still running free.
If you love horses and you are looking for the trip of a lifetime which includes them, you have found it!
Robin T.
View from our campsite.


I spent three nights on the mountain with Sandy and her assistant Abby Branchflower in early July 2016. The entire trip was well planned and organized. The food was excellent, starting with morning coffee with the horses. Tent accommodations were also excellent – we had some serious mountain weather and my tent didn’t leak! Most impressive was Sandy and Abby’s extraordinary depth of knowledge of the Pryor Mustangs as well as their passion for their preservation.

I highly recommend this experience for anyone wishing an “up close and personal” experience with this spectacular country and its Mustang inhabitants.

Dick Evans
Eagle River, Alaska

Prospera and Winnemucca, July 2015
Please feel free to call or text me to book a trip or with any questions!




7 thoughts on “2017 Wild In The Pryors Camping!

  • Aww, I can’t do either of those trips 🙁 Still, I recommend this to anyone who is thinking about it! You’ll have a brilliant time 😀

  • A bit unrelated, but is there any chance you could do a short recap of the events lately? There’s been quite a lot happening as I understand, but it’s so hard to find the information all the way back in Norway;)

    • Hi Anne! Great to hear from you! That is a great idea, and I will try to get to it soon. One thing to note. It seems there are more people going up there and seeing a lot more than what we are used to seeing, so keep that in mind. A lot of the things that are going on we would never know, and just a day, a moment that they saw it, and it could be back to what it was before the day even ended.

      I do know that Winnemucca was last seen with Jackson, which to me is better than London, who apparently was breeding her constantly. I feel better knowing she is with Jackson. If she can’t be with Custer, Jackson would be my next choice. Bless her, I feel bad for her…

      I guess Feldspar was seen with Mandan and Nodin recently. I find that a little odd, but Mescalero is 17 this year, so his band may be going through change. I doubt those young boys can hold on to her, and Feldspar is a strong mare, I am not too concerned with that.

      Bolder’s band is an on going story. For the most part when I was there, Bolder was keeping both Killian and Lobo away, poor Sapo, seems to want to come back, but other times she seems fine with it. Bailey’s is fed up with the whole thing and wants them gone, Scarlett seems to be leaning that way to for the most part. Sometimes she has a moment of weakness! 🙂

      One thing to note, is that I was up there 24 hours a day, I get to see a lot more of the story than most people who are only up there for the day. Also this time of year, the horses are scattered more, harder to find, so the stories are harder to figure out!

      Hope that helps!


  • Hope to see you on the Range while I’m there this year, but I may postpone my visit til fall. Will be in touch at some point when I have a better idea of what’s going to work best. Sounds like you’re going to have another exciting and rewarding summer. 🙂

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