Judge Rules in Favor of Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

I had not heard of this and finally glad that someone has begun to use a judge in Montana who knows who these horses are, instead of a judge in Washington DC, who could care less. However, I do want to add that the BLM in Montana has been fair and humane with these horses during their removals, and 2015 was no exception to this. This office is willing to listen and answer questions, and when I need assistance while on the mountain, they are fast to respond to me.

I have been pretty low-key on a lot of issues, no speaking up and commenting on all the comments that go on,  but I also want to add that these “Groups” who file lawsuits, better have their knowledge of these horses to back it up.  Sometimes filing a lawsuit causes more harm then good for the horses. From what I saw of the range in the several weeks that I was on the range, it is not in great shape this year, and I personally am concerned for the horses welfare this winter when they move down the mountain.


3 thoughts on “Judge Rules in Favor of Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

    • While it is disappointing that the AML was not revised, and it certainly was a major oversight, Sandy certainly has a point: as a general rule, the Pryor Mustangs are lucky in their management. As sad as it is to see horses removed, the BLM, particularly in the Pryors, has come a long way in their approach. Bait-trapping is far and away more humane than other forms of removals. I pray that the Pryors will never again see a helicopter removal.

      I feel it is only right to acknowledge the good elements of the management as well as the bad, in hopes that we will continue to see more improvements 🙂

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