Bolder’s Band

I’ve been on the mountain for a few days now, and have watched very little go on with this band. Bolder’s 6 year old son, Killian and his 5 year old son, Lobo, are still in this band. 

For those that don’t know, I’ll give you a real quick education on what usually happens with bands. The band stallion usually kicks the colts out around 2 years old. For whatever reason, Bolder has not done that. Their are many opinions on why, but the bottom line is, he should have done it years ago. 

I consider this band the most disfuntional on the mountain.  Neither of these “kids” have joined bachelor bands. These bands made up of young and older stallions ( who have lost their bands) are important for the proper development of the young colt. While in these bands, they learn the way of the mountain, and learn to be independent but also what it takes to be good leaders and to one day become good band stallions. 

While Lobo seems to be a bit stronger and more independent then Killian, he still remains with the family band. I read a few times this spring that they were kicked out , but it appears it has not worked. 
Last night, I heard screaming and fighting outside my tent. I thought it might be this band, and was delighted when in the morning,  I saw that Killian and Lobo were not with the band.  The mare Sapo had either gone willingly or was driven to go. I can’t quit decide. She seems content, but has lost a lot of weight. 

Bolder, too has lost a considerable amount of weight. But it should be noted that he has very few scars, and Killians face and chin are covered in them. 

This mornings separation did not last long. Lobo kept calling, and Bolder, who was about a football field length away came running over to drive them off.  But Lobo went one way and Killian with Sapo went another, the other two mares, Celt and Baily’s, followed close behind and in a matter of minutes, they were one band again. With Bolder looking tired and frustrated. 

From what I have observed, I think that Bolders mare Baily’s would probably stay with Bolder. Celt on the other hand would most likely stay with her son Killian.  

My hope is Bolder figures that out soon. As my assistant Sarah said this morning. “Bolder is young enough to gain another mare on this own”. I tend to agree with that. He needs to take his loses and move on. Lobo will probably join the bachelors, and Killian will be left to fight his battles with his mother by his side. 

I will keep you posted. 


the full moon rising this week on the mountain

11 thoughts on “Bolder’s Band

  • I hope Bolder will do as you stated – let the boys have their way. Hopefully he can take Bailey’s with him, or get another mare. Lobo would probably end up on his own and be the better stallion for it. If Bolder continues to fight it out, he could get so run down that he loses the band to one of the bachelor’s that has been learning his “stuff”. Killian would get a real surprise then! Thanks for the observations – seems like years (literally) we have all been waiting for this saga to play out!

  • Killian is still there!! I remember you talking about this band when I was on the mountain in 2014. Can’t remember if we saw them or not. Time for Killian to move out! I’m assuming Bolder has tried to kick Killian out and at this point does it half heartedly. Is he still nursing from his mom??

  • Love the full moon picture, also! Spectacular! And yes, I, like many others, am very glad to see your photos and hear your stories again!

  • I have seen Killian mounting Sapo, in the past, and of course that would not happen if Killian had joined a bachelor group. Killian is old enough and strong enough now to make it very difficult for Bolder to kick him out.

  • I was on the mountain the end of August, 2016. It was my first time. I live in Montana but only learned of the PMWH in mid-2014 studying environmental law and land conservation. Boulder was completely on the opposite side of the mountain than Killian, Lobo, and Sapo when I was there. So, maybe something happened in that 40-45 day period. Boulder looked well to me. He is so magnificent. As one of your “reference” stories stated the first time you see a Wild Horse through the trees, you get excited. It just happened that I was seeing a white dot and my heart jumped in my chest. I just knew it had to be Cloud’s Pride and it was. I was overwhelmed with emotions and tears welled in my eyes. I have regretted not trying to be on the mountain for Cloud’s 20th birthday, May 29, 2015. I didn’t get very many good photos with my camera of the Wild Horses. For some reason it just stopped working. But, I have a new one that I hope will be much better with a better zoom on it. I was planning to be on the mountain June 15th – 18th when the WITP group was on top so I won’t technically be “alone.” You know how parents worry! But, I see I have the dates wrong. It looks like I will change my plans for 4th of July weekend. Besides, we have had so much rain already this week, that I don’t want to get my truck stuck in the mud on top of the mountain alone.

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. Killian has made a complete break and actually lost Sapo, so he is finally a bachelor, which he really needed to be a few years ago! šŸ™‚ I won’t be on the mountain the weekend before the 4th, but I will be up there July 3-6. Stop by and say hi.

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