2016 Pryor Foal # 7

Ireland and Galaxy’s new foal! Photo by: Colleen Kilbane Heart Four Bar Photography

Ireland and Galaxy have a new foal.  Discovered yesterday.  I had a feeling by the photos I had been seeing, and what I had witnessed last summer, that Ireland was very close.  I had witnessed Galaxy breeding her about a week after she had little Pegasus last year.

Galaxy, June 29, 2015
Ireland and Pegasus, June 29, 2015

Ireland is the 1997 daughter of Isabella and Raven.  Galaxy is the 2006 son of Quelle Colour and Lakota.

This little one looks to be a filly.  No word on a name yet.  Pegasus love having a playmate!

Thank you Jack Sterling and Colleen Kilbane for allowing me to use your photos!  I’ll be getting some of my own in just a few days!

Ireland and her new foal, June 11, 2016 Photo by Colleen Kilbane Heart Four Bar Photography
Ireland’s new foal. Photo by Jack Sterling
Photo by Colleen Kilbane Heart Four Bar Photography

16 thoughts on “2016 Pryor Foal # 7

  • Such a pretty baby!! But how could you go wrong with such gorgeous parents! 😉 Baby looks just like daddy Galaxy. Cant wait to see this little one soon!

  • I recognise that Galaxy photo! I’m so astonished that it’s been almost a year since I was there.

    Beautiful baby! I love the bucking photo – it doesn’t take them very long to figure out those legs.

  • What an absolutely gorgeous little one!’ I bet Pegasus will have loads of fun playing with her new baby sibling!! Can’t wait to be back on the mountain!

  • What a gorgeous little one! I was looking at names of stars and found these two that might suite the little one: Quitonea or Quortez.

  • She/he is a cutie for sure!! And spunky too! Can’t wait for you to be on the Mt., Sandy! Always love your pics and text!

  • Great pictures!
    But do you know , what happened with isabella? And how many foals she and ireland had?

    • I do have this information, but I am getting ready to leave for the mountain and do not have time to look it up. I will get back with you later in the summer! Thank you Katrin!

  • Repeating an earlier question : “do you know, what happened to Isabella (and when) ? And how many foals she and ireland had”, including their own fates? Also, I always wished to know parents of Isabella {and what happened with them} , do you know?

      • Thank you for your time and help! 😀 and while I have you “researching“ -{as if you have nothing else to do, haha} -. I’ve never been able to clarify this horse : in the 1995 surveys (by Rev S) is a stallion named “Bay Racer” with a band and several offspring…yet I did not see his mention any other time? (without checking, I think he was 1987-89?) *At the same time, neither Cortez nor Conquistador are on his lists, and neither seem to correspond to the Bay Racer. Any ideas /wisdom regarding these? and Thanks again, truly.

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