2016, Pryor Foals # 3 and 4.

Garcia’s band with the new foal.

Foal number 3 was discovered by Dennis McCollough from Billings, MT.  Thank you Dennis for allowing me to use your photos!

Foal number 3, yet unnamed, was born to Garcia’s band, he or she is the offspring of Greta and Garcia.  Greta is the 2006 daughter of Belle Starr and Chino, Garcia is the 2006 son of Topper and Tony.

Dukes band with their new foal.

The 4th 2016 foal was also discovered by Dennis.  This foal was born to Duke’s band.  No name has been chosen yet.  He or she is the offspring of Helenium and Duke.   Helenium is the 2007 daughter of Rosebud and Sandman.  Duke is the 1996 son of Flicka and Bigfoot.

I will update this post as the names and sex of the foals are announced.


Helemium and her new foal.

One thought on “2016, Pryor Foals # 3 and 4.

  • As horrible as the conflict over management, it is heartwarming to see some semblance of normal in the faces of these wonderful family oriented beings. Our happiness for them is tnged with apprehension for the end of their time on the range to be used by humans for purposes out of their control.

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