2016 Pryor Foal # 2

Quanah with his mom Halcyon.

The second known Pryor foal born in 2016 was discovered by Dawn Ness and Danielle on April 9, 2016.  Thank you Dawn for allowing me to use your beautiful photos!

The foal is a colt, and has been named Quanah.  Quanah was a Comanche Chief.  Quanah was born to the stallion Blue Moon and the mare Halcyon.  Blue Moon is the 2001 son of Sitka and Shaman.  Halcyon is the 2007 daughter of Coronado and Blue Sioux.  They make beautiful foals, that seem to end up very identical!  Welcome to the Pryors little one!


Quanah, April 9, 2016. 

Below is Halcyon last born offspring, Olivia.  I am pretty sure Quanah will have the same coloring when he matures, just like his brother Miocene and sister Nirvana.

Halcyon and Olivia


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