2016 Foal # 1

Quasar and Kitalpha.  Photo by Wild At Heart Images.

Once again, Kitalpha defies the odds, despite being on PZP, and gives birth to a beautiful foal. I believe this foal is a colt, born sometime during the last week of March.

I love this mare.  Kitalpha is one of the wildest on the range and has quite a story of survival.   Click on KITALPHA to read that story, one that I published back in 2012.

Kitalpaha is the 2010 daughter of Buffalo Girl and Durango.  The likely sire is Hickok, he is the 2007 son of Belle Starr and Starbuck.

The foal has been given the  Quasar.  I want to thank the photograher Sandy Sisti for allowing me to use her beautiful photos.  I am looking forward to seeing her on the range again this year!


Quasar. Photo by Wild at Heart Images.

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