Brianna’s Trip Up Burnt Timber

Doc in August 2011 with his son London. London is the son of Doc and the deceased mare Goldrush. (see a photo of London below, from Brianna’s recent trip)

This past weekend, my friend Brianna ( I met her while she was working at the Mustang Center and then a few summers, she joined me on one of my summer camp trips).   After learning about her day trip up Burnt Timber, I asked her if she would be willing to write up a short report on her trip.  She agreed and below is her account of her day adventure up the roughed road.

It is really good to see the horses, especially the older ones and London.  I had learned not too long ago that London had not been seen since late October, so it is really good to see him doing so well.   It just goes to show how vast this range is, especially in the winter months when the horses are so spread out.  “Missing” horses could just be behind a  tree or dip in the land while you pass by them unnoticed.  I don’t become too concerned with those who have not been seen, until I see all of the horses on top of the mountain in the early summer.   I think Brianna’s photo of London, really captured the best of him.  He looks so mature and so much like his father Doc.

Thank you so much Brianna!!


Jackson looking good.  He will be 18 this year!

On Saturday I decided to head up Burnt Timber to find horses and see how far I could make it. I know we haven’t gotten much snow this year, but I was really surprised that even halfway up there wasn’t any trace of snow.

As we came over a hill we saw Jackson standing alone right beside the road. We parked the ranger and walked a little bit closer. He didn’t seem to mind our presence and continued to just stand where he was.

Jackson, March 2016

We moved on and went as far as we could before the snow drifts got too deep. I’m not really good at knowing exactly how far up I am, but I think we were only a few miles from the top before we decided to turn around. The snow has melted everywhere that there isn’t trees to keep it shaded.

We had only been headed back down for a few minutes when we saw Santa Fe on the left. We parked the ranger and got out.

Santa Fe. He was born in 1995, so will be 21 this year!

We thought Santa Fe was alone, and then I saw another horse just over a hill about 100 yards away. It started walking towards us, and then we saw two more horses.

London, Naolin and Inali. London will be 5 this year, Naolin will be 3 and Inali will be 8.

They started running towards us, so we started backing up to the ranger. London and Inali ran all the way up to the ranger before they turned and headed another direction.Naolin wasn’t quite as brave and hung back a little.


The three moved towards Santa Fe, who acted like he wanted nothing to do with them. He quickly walked away, heading further up the mountain towards the snow.

The young bachelors with Santa Fe, March 2016

Inali turned to the right and went up the other side of the road, and Naolin followed London who slowly walked around and followed Santa Fe.

Inali, Naolin, and London, March 2016
Inali, March 2016
London, March 2016, looking so much like his sire Doc!

We walked over to the hill that they had come over, hoping to find more horses, but didn’t have any luck.



10 thoughts on “Brianna’s Trip Up Burnt Timber

  • London is a looker!! And Jackson’s “whatever” look is priceless! So glad to see Jackson and Santa Fe are looking good – of course I am glad to see the youngsters wintered well too. Getting excited for all the upcoming spring and summer photos – and so thankful to everyone who takes those photos and takes the time to post them, with stories, for the rest of us to enjoy!! Thank you Brianna, and Sandy!

  • Hello (frrom Paris (France)
    When I come here I try to understand as much as possible and I’m glad to see horses are well
    Two of them are ols (18 and 21 years old)
    I have a question : when horses old or young are very siek is there people who walk in the mountain for watching and talk with a veterinarian (sory for my english ..)
    Of when a hore become old, is he return with you in the farm and staying there until the end ?

    • Hi and thank you for reading and commenting!! A vet is involved, only to observe and make a decision regarding a horses health or injury. No, the wild horses are allowed to stay wild and die wild. That is what I think they would choose to do if given the choice. That is all they know, and to be removed, would be harder on them, then dying a natural death.

  • Thanks for sharing, Sandy and Brianna! London is stunning-and so much like Doc! I love the foal picture of him as well- adorable! I guess he wasn’t always so hunky haha 🙂 Inali also looks fantastic, and Naolin is really maturing (he has such a cute face!)

    So pleased that Jackson looks super good and Santa Fe seems to be doing well!

  • Thank you for the update, Brianna and Sandy 🙂 It’s great to see the older bachelors doing well, especially Jackson. I have a huge soft spot for him and his Coyote colouring 🙂 Must be on the theme of tall, dark and handsome…! Everyone has already said it, but…wow is London starting to look like Doc! I think he’s going to be causing quite a bit of trouble on the mountain this summer!

  • Thanks for sharing with us!! I can’t wait to get back there! I’m so happy to see the boys looking good, especially the older guys Jackson and Santa Fe. I’m kind of surprised to see Naolin with the bachelors. He loved running off to play with them any chance he got but Grijala seemed so bonded with his step sons. But the bachelor life seems to be treating Naolin well. London is so gorgeous!! He does look more and more like Doc as he gets older. I also think it’s so interesting that Doc would end up siring a foal that would look so much like Doc’s stepfather Santa Fe in appearance. I think this coming summer we will see Inali with mares. Especially with several band stallions turning 20 this year. I think we may even see London with a mare. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

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