A December Foal Is Born

A new foal was born on the mountain to the mare Labrava and stallion Irial.

Labrava is the 2011 daughter of Blue Sioux and Coronado.

This little one was discovered by Nancy from the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center and Kristen.  The foal appears to be a few weeks old, so sometime between the first and second week of December is most likely her birth.  The foal has been named Pilar, which is Spanish for Pillar.

Thank you Jack for emailing and allowing me to use these photos to share. Jack feels the foal is a filly, so welcome little girl!

Labrava has had two very unusual foal births. This late season foal, and the foal that was stolen in July 2013.

If you have been following my blog, you will remember the post I did about a birth of a foal right outside my tent on the morning of  July 9,2013.  That was LaBrava’s first foal, Nacer and due to circumstances beyond either ones control, little Nacer only lived for about 30 hours.  If you would like to read more about Nacer, you can click on LABRAVA to go to that post.

Although this is a very unusual time for a wild foal to be born, little Pilar looks to be a sturdy one, born into a band of strong mares, she has an excellent chance of growing old on the mountain.  I am keeping a positive stance, that she will survive and thrive.





10 thoughts on “A December Foal Is Born

  • Isn’t she a little beauty? And she looks quite furry and healthy. LaBrava looks good, too. I agree with you—I think they’ll be fine, even tho December is not an ideal birth month. Looking forward to seeing her kicking up her heels in the spring!

  • This little one was certainly a surprise!! So glad she and LaBrava look so good! Pilar certainly has a great group of aunties to look out for her, and I am sure LaBrava will be a wonderful mother. I have faith that she can handle the winter and be with us in spring 🙂 <3

  • And if she is anything like little Nacer, she will be one tough little filly with an equally tough spirit! Sending prayers and positive thoughts their way. Special thanks to Jack for sharing these beautiful photos. 😁🐎 Thank you and Happy New Year Sandy!

  • Quite the surprise! La Brava was one of the ones I wasnt sure about over the summer but I certainly wasnt expecting a December filly. Pilar looks so much like Nacer. She seems sturdy and healthy and very furry too. I think she has a good chance. She’s definitely with a great band with experienced mares, especially Blue Sioux who was so very determined to help La Brava with Nacer. I imagine both La Brava and Blue Sioux will be very protective of Pilar which only makes her chances even better. La Brava looks to be in good shape herself too. I think Pilar will roan out to look just like her mom! Like Linda said, I look forward to watching her kick up her heels this spring!!

  • I was wondering if little Pilar made it through the winter. I saw Irial and his band this July. I didn’t see little Pilar, although the band was on the edge of the trees. I was hoping she was but hiding. 🙁 Hope shes okay.

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