16 thoughts on “Pryor Removal, Day 3

  1. I second Linda’s comment. It seems like it would have made more sense to gather young Okomi for an easier adoption transition into a domestic lifestyle.

  2. Darn it. I was kinda hoping Maelstrom would stay out of the trap. But, genetically, I guess his line is well represented. Darn.

  3. Thank you Fay and Sandy. I guess I understand the logic of one horse over another (coloration, lines, and age), but my heart breaks thinking of what each horse that is captured must go through being separated from all he/she knows.

  4. So it looks like so far 7 out of 14 1st tier horses have been removed 1 out of 18 in the 2nd tier and 1 out 15 in the 3rd tier. a total of 9.

    Sandy thanks so much for the updates…it is sad but removing those that will be easier to adopt out and transition to domestic life will give the others the opportunity to continue to live their lives on the range. Hopefully the PZP system will get things slowly in more control to have less adoptions out in the future.

  5. Are there anymore updates? So far it looks like Pryor site shows 10 listed removed 8/14 1st tier, 1/18 2nd tier 1/15 3rd tier. However the BLM shows 35 horses gathered 13 removed…do we know the additional 3?

    I hate waiting and not knowing!

      1. Hi Gina, Sorry, I just saw this. Yes, they are still continuing down in the Dryhead. I am working on a post that will show all of the horses removed so far. Hope to have it up sometime today!

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