Pryor Removal Day Two

Nye. Nye is the daughter of Jackson and Galena.

Nye. Taken this morning
Nye. Photp taken this morning

Ojai with her mom Washakie taken this morning.
Ojai with her mom Washakie photo taken this morning.

McKeanhie, February 2013
McKeahnie. McKeahnie is the son of Gabriela and Cappuccino

Ojai   Ojai is the daughter of Baja and Washakie

Odakota.  Odakota is the son of Gracianna and Duke. 

More photos to come. 

They are still loading, I think this is it for today  couldn’t stay and watch anymore


9 thoughts on “Pryor Removal Day Two

  • Sandy, Thank you for keeping us updated. I know it has to be so hard to watch. I have begged the BLM (including this morning) not to remove both Nahwa and Ojai–only offspring of Baja/Washakie pairing on range–to leave at least one, but I guess they did it anyway. Too bad they were not a unique enough color or bloodline (Looking Glass and Tonopah; Sitka and Shaman) for at least one to be spared. Baja is 19 and Washakie is 21. Yes, she is pregnant but her foals do not always survive i.e. Meadowlark and with her age each pregnancy is a risk making the foal that much more special. Now the only two offspring of this beautiful couple have just been taken by the BLM!

  • Oh well, like the judge said to Friends of Animals – who tried to stop this horror – “there will be other foals.”

    You all should have been there and told the Judge what you think should have happened. BLM doesn’t care what you think, now do they?

      • Most likely, that uneducated judge’s reply to you would have been “there will be other foals”, also. I’m not so sure the BLM doesn’t care, I think they just figure they know more.

  • I had really hope Nye and Mckeahnie would be allowed to remain wild. Also sad to see they’re removing all fillies so far.

  • would’ve been nice if TCF had let people know sooner. I’m sure they were allowed to give input into who should be removed and who shouldn’t even if it was only suggestion. We could have at least known who they thought could be given away in place of some cloud foals.
    Yeah, I’m not happy about it. I get the adoration but fame and not actually rare colors or genetics are no reason to endanger other bloodlines.

    • I agree. And “rare colors” for this herd are not necessarily “rare colors” for wild horses in general. This herd’s genetics need to be safeguarded mostly for the very old bloodline and “primitive” characteristics, with viability the ultimate goal. So far, in my humble opinion, I think they’ve been pretty close to right on, but sometimes it gets pretty scary from my point of view.

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