Removal Day One

Mesa.  Mesa is the 2015 daughter of Bolder and Sapo

Mesa and Lobo, July 31, 2012
Mesa and Lobo, July 31, 2012
Meriweather. Meriweather is the 2012 daughter of Madonna and Duke.

Meriwether, September 1, 2012
Meriwether, September 1, 2012
Oliva. Olivia is the 2014 daughter of Blue Moon and Halcyon.

Nahwa. Nahwa is the son of Baja and Washakie. 
Sorry for the dated pics  and lack of one for miss Olivia  I  on the mountain and typing this one my phone  I will post more photos as soon as I can


14 thoughts on “Removal Day One

  • I truly enjoy your blogs. You give the good , the bad and the ugly in such an honest way. I hardly ever comment but I was glad to see you listing the horses that have been trapped. Reading it in small doses makes it a tiny bit easier to process. Thank You.

  • A sad state of affairs. Sending you love and gratitude, as you follow the gather. Praying that those removed find loving forever homes.

  • They are all gonna be missed so much! I was hoping to see Olivia turn into a great lead mare:/ How could the hernia affect Merryweather as she continues to grow up? Hate to see the tier three go! Both she and Nye seems to be doing great so far, that’s why I’m wonderig about the hernia:/ Really hoping they let Oklahoma stay now! It just seems to me that Lariat is so fragile, although I’m probably wrong:)

    • Lariat gas gained weight and both her and Oklahoma look great. She is with Jasper who already displays amazing band stallion traits. He is taking very good care of all of his band. Very impressive for such a new band stallion. Of course something in nature could occur , give they are in the wild? But putting that aside, I believe they will produce some very beautiful and healthy foals to carry on the Madonna bloodline.

  • I am disappointed with removal of Meriweather. She was not Tier 1 and a hernia at her age I was told by vet not a major concern. At her age I was told better to be left in wild with hernia than to undergo traumatic surgical procedure on top of stress removal 😢

    • As sad as I was to see them take Meriweather , I support their decision. Lariat has gained weight, both her and Oklahoma look healthy. She is with a good band stallion that takes very good car of them. She already has produced an offspring, the odds are in her favor that she will produce more. There was no guarantee that Meriweather would have. With every horse that is removed, we can always find fault in it and express why we didnt think it should have happened. But as I person that has spent the summer watching all these horses, I feel this choice was the best.

  • I hate to see any of them go. One never knows what may happen to any of the families/bloodlines. Exactly why I have felt that smaller gathers at planned intervals are the best because they provide the greatest leeway for unexpected events affecting the herd. Thanks for the info on how things are going. I’m with you in spirit.

  • Just to clarify above says Meriwether is a daughter?…The tier listed as a (M) male and the picture looks like a colt…

  • Thanks so much, Sandy, for your input/info on Meriwether. I was disappointed they removed her, but now I understand better. Also, so glad you stated that Lariat and Oklahoma look great. I worried about Lariat in particular. Always so good to hear your practical, informed input. Know they have removed some of your favorites – all of them are your favorites.

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