Socializing On The Snow/ June 28, 2015

Oceana and Pride
Oceana and Pride

My group and I spent a couple of hours watching the horses on the snow above Mystic Pond a few days ago.  One of my favorite shows, was with little Pride.  He decided that it was time to go out and meet the neighbors, and first stop was with little Miss Oceana.  She wasn’t sure about his bold advances, but did give in and spend a few quiet moments with him.

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Next up for the meet and greet was with the band stallion Tecumseh.  It was a really touching moment to watch the giant stallion (in comparison to Pride) that has had to fight his way back to becoming a band stallion, show his very soft side, and spend some tender moments with the little guy.  It seems that every year that passes, I admire this stallion, and this day I found myself feeling especially impressed by his kind ways.

Pride walks toward Tecumseh
Pride walks toward Tecumseh

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Tecumseh and Pride
Tecumseh and Pride

The next neighbor on the snow to get a greeting from Pride was with Blue Moon’s band.  First the yearling filly Olivia, and then the 3 year old Miocene.  And once again, I was impressed with how tender and kind the older horses were with this little one.

Pride and Nirvana
Pride and Miocene
Olivia and Pride

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Nirvana and Pride
Miocene and Pride

Each and every day that I spend with these horses, I feel is a gift, and I have been cherishing every moment with them.   For some, it will be their last summer on the mountain, for others, life has just begun here.  And so, I have been especially motivated to stop, put my camera down and just inhale each little interaction and movement these beautiful horses show to me.

I still have an opening (due to a last minute cancelation), in my last August Camping Trip, if anyone is interested, please give me a call or text me at: 406-360-8959.

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Logo designed by Amber Bushnell.  Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell. Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.

3 thoughts on “Socializing On The Snow/ June 28, 2015

  • Great post! I envy you being there to observe all this cool stuff. Pride is lucky he is not in Cloud’s band in that Cloud would probably never have allowed him to do all that socializing. 🙂 I, too, am very happy for Tecumseh to have this family time. He has earned it for sure. 🙂

  • This is a beautiful post, in many ways! Pride is quite the confident little fellow! I loved seeing how tender Tecumseh was with him, makes me admire him even more! Pride is just precious the and photos of him and Oceana are just gorgeous. Miocene and Olivia look so mature!!

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