June 2015. Report from the Mountain 


The mountain has not failed to show us all the horses, each and everyday so far, and last night the horses stayed to graze around our tents all night. The soft sound of their munching was a soothingly sound to sleep by. 

This morning, the horses had moved on, but we were greeted by a special guest. 20 year old Cloud was in our camp. 


It was good to see him, but I felt myself feeling sorry for him.   After being a band stallion for more then 15 years, he was now alone. 

He walked on after a few minutes, only to return a few hours later.  We were treated to a front row seat to his interactions with some bachelors.  For me, the one thing that stood out during this, was the amount of respect each of them gave him.  “Treat your elders kindly ” has deep meaning in the wild horse world. 

As I write this post, it is only 2:00pm, but we have seen every horse at our campsite, and even a show of about 50 horses thundering by at top speed.   Not a minute goes by where I am not grateful for what the mountain gives to me   With each “on the mountain post that I give you, I am going to try and pick out a “favorite horse of the day”. 

Today, that horse Is Jasper. I am so impressed with him. He has only had his new band for a short time, but he shows the skills of a seasoned band stallion. He is Jackson’s son and Lakota’s grandson, and it shows. 

 So while it is painful to watch the older ones alone, some of that pain is eased by watching the new younger generation take over.  We can all have some comfort in knowing that there will continue to be great stallions on this mountain 


I am typing this on my cell phone. Please forget the typos and quality of the photos taken with my cell phone. 
Also thank you to Tammi for the two photos she let me share. 




16 thoughts on “June 2015. Report from the Mountain 

  • Love the frequent updates!! Thanks for spoiling us;) Does Cloud seem to be doing fine as a bachelor?

  • I love Jasper too. 🙂 So glad I was introduced to this stallion last summer and so glad he has a band. I could tell he was getting ready to get a band.

    Also is Cloud no longer a band stallion? I can’t say I’m surprised, he’s getting up there in age. Glad I had the opportunity to see him with his family last summer. He can teach the young ones the ways of the mountain in his retirement. 🙂

  • Loving hearing from you daily!! It’s so lovely to hear about the bachelors giving the elder stallions such respect. It is really sad to think of them without bands, but at least they still have a place on the mountain.

    Jasper sounds like a wonderful band stallion, I’m sure he’ll be a great patriarch some day 🙂

    I absolutely cannot wait to wake up to the horses surrounding the campsite 😀

  • Sandy, your photos are breathtaking. Watching a living legend like Cloud… priceless. Your sharing your experiences with us, letting us see these precious horses in the wild, is a privilege. Thank you!

  • I’m loving the mountain posts 🙂 It makes me sad too to think of Cloud without his band. He really had an amazing run as a band stallion. Over 15 years like you said. And the fact that he managed to hold onto one of the top spots in the heiarchy until recently is pretty amazing too. But it makes me happy to hear that even in this new phase of his life he still comands respect. It’s great when the young bachelors get to learn from the living legends.

  • Thank you for the beautiful thoughtful posts, sharing the generational evolution of the herd. It won’t be long and I will be there too to capture the experience of the wild horses. Sweet dreams Lynn

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  • I’m so enjoying these brief frequent in-the-moment updates! Feels almost as IF I was there :). Concerning Jasper : am I recalling correctly that he recently Won (or was CHOSEN by) the teenage daughter of Flint, Olivia? I find it exciting to imagine the Sitka x Shaman line joining that of Jackson! Perhaps some more coyote DUNs and beautiful Blue ROANs in the future? Does Jasper have some new mares in addition? And could you please elaborate for us; were those middle & final few pictures of HIS band? Some of them appear to include Nimbus Encore (I think) — is that Knights band, a combination of bands, or has she recently “transferred“? (maybe I’m wrong – haven’t yet enlarged images to study the details) – but it’s still appreciated to see any photos, even from your phone 🙂 -and knowing that we will soon see everyone in your more extensive & talented photography! With THANKS, Connie.

  • Also, it certainly IS great and exciting to SEE the process of the young bachelors getting to learn from the living legends — like Cloud! And right near your campsite, too ~ what a delightful gift.

  • Thank you for sharing – it is so lovely to follow along with you and hear a narration of you witnessing these beautiful families.

  • Is that Pride in the picture with the band up by the cabin?…looks like a dunskin? Other than I don’t see dark legs for a buckskin…Such wonderful pictures Sandy!

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