June 2015. First Day on the mountain

As I write this,I am lying in my tent with my sleeping bag zipped over my head.  It’s a cold June night on the mountain top. The temperature is 42 and the wind shakes my tent.  I’m guessing the wind speed is close to 20 mph ++, with gusts much higher. The day was warm, but how quickly that can change on this 8,500 foot mountain top. 

But despite this cold night,  I still love being here. At this very moment,I can hear thundering hoofs and whinnying right outside. It’s worth it. 

My guests and I saw every single mountain top horse today, that’s well over 100 horses   There have been many changes on the mountain , with two very empty spaces.  With out taking the time to  look through the hundreds of photos, I could tell that Topper Too and Tonapah are missing. 

But with those deaths, come new life. Ireland is very much pregnant, as is Audubon and Jacinta, along with many maybes.  The new foals are all beautiful. The wild flowers are starting to be in full bloom. This mountain is full of life, I feel at peace with mine  

Life is good, even the shivers I feel on this cold summer solstice night. 



18 thoughts on “June 2015. First Day on the mountain

  • Wow-all the horses!! What a great start to your summer!

    The absence of Topper Too and Tonopah is very sad 🙁 I’m glad they both lived long lives, free in their home. May they rest in peace.

    It’s funny to think of Ireland being pregnant again. I bet she and Galaxy will have a gorgeous foal together 🙂 it may be a good thing she’s pregnant, since Gaelic Princess has no current offspring on the range and it remains to be seen whether Limerick will react poorly to her early PZP treatments! Audubon being pregnant is good news too, her bloodline is underrepresented and, at least I think, this would be Hamlet’s first foal? Love him! Plus he’s of a rare line as well! Can’t wait to see Jacinta’s baby too! From what I’ve seen it looks like poor Washakie is yet again pregnant! That mare never takes a break! What were your thoughts on Firestorm being pregnant? Stay warm!!

  • There’s no better place than the PMWHR to reaffirm the joy of being alive, is there? So glad you’re there. As I read your words about the cold, and winds, I can’t help but wonder if you won’t wake up to snow on the ground like we did in 2012. That would be awesome! What an adventure! I sure wish I were there with you. I will be again one day… It is sad that Topper Too and Tonopah are gone, but they lived such awesome lives. I believe their spirits are running free, drinking the wind and basking in the sunlight of another dimension. They, like so many others, will be remembered long after their hoof prints have disappeared from that land they loved.

  • Do we know what happened to Topper Two and Tonopah or are they just among the missing? Are both Topper and Topper two among the missing? I know last year one of the two was gone (I think it was Topper) How old was Tonopah? She had to be in her twenties, she had a good life on the range and best part lived her whole life out there.

    Not that you don’t have enough to do Sandy but maybe you can do individual blogs on each missing horse each year? A small tribute to their legacy, when they where born, who their dam/sire was, what foals they had (or sired but that is less sure and can add up to a lot); lasting remembrance. Although you do a good job of that with your blog in general.

    I hope your having fun!

    • Topper disappear in the winter of 2013-14. Topper too was struck by lightning on May 31 of this year. Tonapah just did not make it through the winter. I will do posts. I always like to come up here first and see for myself before i do a post on them.

      • Oh.. I didn’t know that about Topper Too. That’s so sad to hear:/ How old was she and wich band was she in again?

  • Hi Sandy
    So happy to read that you are back on the mountain top. Wish I was joining you this summer 🙂

    Who is the horse with Nimbus and Knight in your picture?

    I am so curious to see Ireland/Galaxy foal, when do you expect she will foal? This will sure be a lovely foal.

    Also I am wondering about Innocentes, Ohanzee and Orielle. Are they on the mountain top with their new band stallion (forgotten his name)?

    Haven´t heard about Maia and Odyssey?

    Since Topper Too is gone, does Baja only have Washikie?

    Looking forward to read more posts from you 🙂

  • What a great first day! I know you are happy to be back “at the office!” I can’t wait to be there with you in July! I am disappointed I won’t be able to see Topper Two and Tonopah, but they lived long fulfilling lives free in their mountain home. I had looked forward to seeing Topper Too and her attitude, but she lives on in Prospera. And Tonopah lives on in Petra, Paterson, and Petite Colour already born this year. I look forward to seeing Ireland and Galaxy’s foal. It’s going to be stunning! I look forward to Audubon and Jacinta’s foals too. Hamlet is a very important genetic link for the herd and it’s exciting to see him sire his first foal! I’m happy for Jacinta too. And she represents a rare bloodline herself.

    I look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip! I know you will enjoy the rest of your time there!

  • Glad you and your guests got to see all the horses. Going to miss reading about Tonopah and Topper Too. Glad they got to live there life wild and free.

  • Yay! I believe that EVERYONE has been anxious and so curious to see an Electra/ Ireland x Galaxy foal, from the very Day she “accepted him“ as her new guy!! And most believed that was only a pipedream ~duE to PZP and age….? Now it’s TRUE and I can’t wait to “meet“ him/her! It needs a most special Name, to reflect this collective Wish, as well as honoring the parents or ancestors!! IF the lightning bolt is passed on ~ I would (personally) especially LOVE some name reflecting this *famous trait* too! {haven’t yet found that perfect word; will keep searching… Anyone else have an idea?! }. ps: the annual Persidides (spelled wrong) *meteor shower* just came to mind? Some version maybe?

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