2015 Pryor Foal # 8

Jackson, Gabrielle and Patterson.  Photo by Liz L.
Jackson, Gabrielle and Patterson. Photo by Liz L.
Photo by Jack Sterling
Photo by Jack Sterling
Patterson and Gabrielle.  Photo by Jack Sterling
Patterson and Gabrielle. Photo by Jack Sterling

The 8th known Pryor foal born this year is Patterson.  Patterson is the son of Gabrielle and Cappuncino. Thank you Liz L. and Jack Sterling for the photos!

Gabrielle is the 2006 daughter of Brumby and Jackson.  Cappucino is the 2002 son of Rosarita and Starbuck.

Gabrielle is currently with Jackson.

It seems that the personal politics of the mountain is raring its ugly head this year.  I try to stay out of it and simply go for the love of the horses and to share them with those that choose to go with me.   I’ve witnessed some things on the mountain and experienced first hand some unkind things done that I will not make public, those people know who they are, and if it involves a horse, I will go public and report them, but if it is something done to myself or my belongings, I will not be publicly naming the names of those involved.  I forgive the first incident, but I will be watching.

The horses have helped me through many hard times over the last several years, and I owe it to them to stay in a peaceful and loving state when I am with them, and also to try to transfer that to my life when I am off the mountain.

Since 2009, everyone who has been fortunate to see these horses in person, have freely shared them with everyone.  Most of us have our watermarks on them, some don’t.  I for one, do not care if some wants to use my photos, as long as they do not crop the watermark off.  But I have had a few cases of that, and I decided it was that the of image I post would not be big enough for anyone to reproduce for profit. After all, it is for the horses and sharing photos only gets the word out about this special herd, which is good, especially when we need to comment on their management.

Fortunately for all of us, there are still people out there that are willing to share for us all to see.  Thank you to those people.   I will be very glad when I am up there and can get photos myself, it won’t be long.


Santa Fe and Cappuccino, July 2012
Santa Fe and Cappuccino, July 2012
Jasmine and Brumby, February 2013
Jasmine and Brumby, February 2013
Jackson, February, 2013
Jackson, February, 2013
Mescalero and Rosarita, July 2012
Mescalero and Rosarita, July 2012

10 thoughts on “2015 Pryor Foal # 8

  1. It’s amazing how some people can’t get along and how some think they can use someone else’s photos without permission. The internet age is great for sharing and caring, but you can certainly be taken advantage of. I hope everything on the mountain gets straightened out. I certainly appreciate any photos you care to share with all of us.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about this but truly it does not come as a surprise, It’s been my experience over the years horses attract many people whose primary agenda is their own ego driven needs and not the horses. I commend you for keeping your priorities your beloved horses and not ego driven as the ones causing problems obviously are.

  3. Thank you to everyone who freely shares their photos. I have not made it to the Pryors and don’t have any photos of the horses that I have personally taken, but I do a lot of equine photography including a lot of horse show photography. As a photographer I have always been happy to share my pictures with everyone and happy to have them repost them and share them with their friends. I don’t really understand why people will share photos with some interested parties, but not all. Thank you to Sandy and to all of the other people who freely share their photos with us! Not having been able to get to the Pryors in person I depend on the kindness of others willing to share their photos and their stories. Thank you everyone who has shared with me and others! Sandy you have always been great about thanking others for their photos you’ve shared on your blog. This summer I will be making my first trip to the Pryors (thank you Sandy!) and I plan on sharing my photos and stories with everyone when I get back 🙂

  4. Yes, thank you to all who share their beautiful pictures and stories with us!! Thus far I have been living vicariously through other’s photos and it’s certainly a highlight to see any and all updates!! I can’t wait to see the horses in person and photograph and write about them as well 🙂 Sharing what we know about the horses is what makes this little “community” so special. We are all in it for the love of the horses, ultimately. Sandy, you were generous enough to allow me to use some of your photos in my senior seminar, I really appreciated it and they certainly added to my presentation! I wouldn’t dream of cropping out watermarks etc. and I would hope all others show the same respect. I hope you continue to feel comfortable sharing your experiences with all of us 🙂 Can’t wait to join you firsthand in August!!

    PS Patterson is adorable!! 🙂

  5. Hi Sandy, I hope you got my check but I’m sorry i won’t be able to attend the workshop now. I need to attend a conference with my husband in Idaho that I just found out about. I don’t want a refund but please use it for eqpt or anything else you might need. Please keep sending the beautiful pics of the Pryor Mustangs and hopefully i will meet you and see the Mustangs one day. Thank you again, Susan

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