Jackson Update, February, 2015

From Left to Right:  Firestorm and Okomi with Hertiage and Jackson on the right.  Photo taken by Jack Sterling on February 7, 2015
From Left to Right: Firestorm and Okomi with Hertiage and Jackson on the right. Photo taken by Jack Sterling on February 7, 2015

Jackson was spotted with a few of his former mares this past weekend.  Jack Sterling, a frequent visitor to the range spotted them about 3 miles up Burnt Timber road.  Thank you Jack for sharing your photo.

Firestorm looks thin, but for the last several years, she seems to look this way this time of year.  Obviously pregnant, it takes a lot of her during the winter.  I am hoping Heritage is pregnant this year.  Depending on when and if she foals, will give us a good idea whether it is Doc’s foal or Jackson’s.  Jackson lost his band to Doc in May last year.  His weight looks really good compared to last year at this time.

This report makes me really happy.  Jackson is an amazing and caring stallion, I am so happy that he has some of his mares back.  The one question that remains:  Will his very devoted mare Brumby be joining him soon?  I look forward to finding out the answer.


Jackson, February 2014
Jackson, February 2014
Jackson:  February 18, 2014
Jackson: February 18, 2014
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell.  Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell. Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.

6 thoughts on “Jackson Update, February, 2015

  1. Wooooo hoooo! Apparently those “notes” you said Jackson was taking last year have come in handy. It will be cool if Brumby can be under Jackson’s wing again, but I hope he doesn’t get spread as thin as he was again. Perhaps Doc has been the victim of having too much to do with such a large herd thru a hard winter, too. It’s so good to see Jackson looking healthier. It’s going to be an interesting spring again, for sure. 🙂

  2. I was so happy to see this post!!! So glad Jackson has returned to being a band stallion – and he seems to look good. I remember being so worried about Firestorm previous years, but, as you say, she just seems to look like this until the green growth starts again. As I’ve said many times before, these horses just amaze me that they can make it through the winter (some nursing and pregnant too!). Oh, I just finally got my spreadsheet rearranged from all the happenings in 2014, then saw the post about Jackson – that is ok, for Jackson I’ll rearrange it again!! And anyhow, with 5′ or more of snow in the last two weeks (Maine), rearranging the spreadsheet is more fun than shoveling!

      1. I’m a bit of a novice at this, Jamie. And all the “drama in the Dryhead” has left me with sketchy info on that area. I’m betting someone else would have better info for you. The Pryor Mt. Mustang Assn. put out a field guide last summer which has helped me in identifying the horses. Good luck, and ENJOY your trip!

  3. I was so happy to see him regain some of his mares!! I’m not surprised Heritage is one of them as she did not seem to like Doc last summer. It’s hard to tell from this picture but it looks like Firestorm isn’t quite as big as she usually is this time of year. I wonder if maybe she isn’t pregnant or if she’s pregnant for a later foal than usual. It would be nice if she had a little longer to put some weight back on before foaling this year. Her foal will be Doc’s but it would be a nice surprise is maybe one of the other mares had a Jackson foal. I think it would have to be pretty early, probably early April. Again, hard to tell but Heritage looks like she might have a bit of a belly. I’d love for her to foal this year regardless of the sire! Glad Okomi didn’t get separated from Firestorm in the switch. I wonder if Brumby will make the switch too. I have a feeling she will. It’s great to see Okomi too!

  4. Very excited to hear this! Jackson deserves to have some of his family back and it never seemed like Firestorm or Heritage (or Brumby, for that matter) had settled in with Doc. It would be really nice if Firestorm could have a break this year. Poor girl always looks so rough at this time of the year, she needs some R&R! I would also love to see a Heritage foal!

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