3 thoughts on “Mountain Update From TCF

  • It certainly concerns me to hear that Ohanzee was alone!! I hope he and the rest of his band are all safe and reunited by now. Hopefully that was Demure they spotted with Duke too. She’s a hard one to have as a favourite-she’s all over the place at the moment! She and Jupiter did make a beautiful pair, maybe they’ll reunite in the spring? Here’s hoping the fuzzy coats on Oceana and Okiotak keep them warm and safe this winter!

  • Love the picture you chose for this. Fiesta looks so much like his dad. It sounds like Jackson may be ready to get back in the game. Doc may run into more trouble than he thinks if Brumby decides to join in the game too. I just want to see Jackson with a couple of his girls back. Although he seemed to be content this summer. At first when I read that Jasper/ Jupiter was with Mato Ska/Mica I thought maybe Grijala had Demure since usually him and Mato Ska/Mica were together. But it would make sense that if Duke had an extra grulla it might be her. I really liked her and Jupiter/Jasper together. They were a nice couple. Maybe he’ll get her back. But for now he can help teach his younger brother a thing or two. Galadrial and Oceana along with Ketchikan and Okiotak seem to be doing well which is good.

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