Pryor Foal # 20, 2014

Ketchikan with her new colt.

Tonight I checked my email and found an email from my friend Jack Sterling.  Jack is from Billings and was up on the mountain early this morning.  He discovered Ketchikan with her new colt just below my campsite.  This is a really special foal.  The bloodline of Ketchikan is very rare, with few horses to carry on his important line.  I pray that this beautiful and his mother can survive the winter.  He looks strong, and Ketchikan also looks great.  The fall weather has been mild and hopefully winter will hold off for a while.

Foal number 20, born to the mare Ketchikan, (born in 2010), daughter of Gold Rush and Two Boots.  Father of this foal may be either the stallion Gringo or Tecumseh.  The foal is a colt.


Ketchikan's new Colt!  10-26-14
Ketchikan’s new Colt! 10-26-14

Jack was the person who discovered Odakota also.  I look forward to finding out what he chooses for this one.

UPDATE:  Jack said he will not be naming this foal, but that there will be an Alaskan theme, named by a friend of Steve and Nancy Cerroni.

Thanks so much Jack!


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell.  Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell. Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.

10 thoughts on “Pryor Foal # 20, 2014

  • He sure is cute! And a special one for sure 🙂 I’m excited about him! Two special foals in this band this year. I feel good about their chances. Both have attentive mothers and Aunt Beulah is looking out for the them and seems to be very happy about it. And they have two protective stallions looking out for them too.

  • He certainly is a little beauty! Looks like he has a good warm coat for winter already. It’s going to be fun to see how his leg markings end up. 🙂 I can’t help but think of when Tom Dillon and I found Doc, Gold Rush, London and Ketchikan standing together under some pines at the top of Sykes Ridge Road. London was a new foal and Ketchikan was just a yearling. Boy, time sure flies.

  • Wow! Another one 🙂 Two sorrel foals is quite different and in the same band 🙂 My guess is Tecumseh is the father due to the coloring, but time will tell if he roans out as with Oceana 🙂 I have confidence these late born foals and their mothers will make it.

  • Such a cutie! How funny to have two chestnuts born at the end of the season-and in the same band and both underrepresented bloodlines! He certainly looks like a throw-back to Flash to me….looks like poor Gringo got cuckholded haha Wonder how the relationship between the two stallions is with the presence of the foals?

    It’s really special to have a foal to carry on Gold Rush (and Cabaret’s) bloodlines 🙂 I hope he and Ketchikan stay safe this winter! Lots of late babies and mothers to worry about this year :/

    • I thought the same thing, that he looks so much like Flash!! Gringo has the capability to sire a chestnut foal, because he carries the chestnut gene from his mom Madonna. Statistically the chance is 25%. But I was/ am pretty confident about Tecumseh being the sire of Galadrial’s foal (before Oceana was even born.) I was thinking Gringo was likely the sire of Ketchikan’s but with that strong resemblance to Flash, I’m thinking Tecumseh may be the sire there. Poor Gringo haha! I’m happy about both of these foals though regardless! Like you said it’s nice to see two healthy foals with two healthy moms coming from underrepresented and special blood lines.

      • For sure there is a possibility that one or both of these babies is Gringo’s but I just can’t look past the Flash resemblance with this guy haha 🙂 and I hope you’re right about Oceana being Tecumseh’s! I guess we will never know for sure unless they roan out 🙂 at any rate-two beautiful and healthy foals! 🙂

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