2014, Pryor Foal # 19

Innocentes and her new foal.  Photo by Steve Ceronni.
Inocentes and her new foal. Photo by Steve Cerroni.

Foal number 19 of 2014.  Born to the mare Inocentes, 2008 daughter of Fiasco and Baja and Cloud, 1995 son of Phoenix and Raven.

The foal was discovered today by Steve Cerroni of the Pryor Mustang Center.

Welcome to the world little one.  You certainly had us all guessing.

Innocentes and Cloud's new foal. Photo by Steve Cerroni
Inocentes and Cloud’s new foal. Photo by Steve Cerroni


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell.  Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell. Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.

12 thoughts on “2014, Pryor Foal # 19

  • So excited about this one! I’ve been excitedly anticipating an Innocentes x Cloud foal the past couple years. Glad she’s (?) finally here. Innocentes is such a good mother and has been so sweet with Feldspar’s foals, I’m glad she finally has one of her own again. Glad to see both mom and foal look to be in great shape. I bet Ohanzee is thrilled to have a sibling!

  • Oh finally! I was wondering why Cloud kept paying extra attention to her when I was up on the mountain. Feldspar pretty much ignored them and did her own thing while they acted like coupled up lovebirds. Glad Ohanzee has a little playmate. 🙂 They should call her Overdue for making us wait so long haha.Or On Time to make it a bit more ironic. 🙂

  • Sure has been a lot of foal excitement on the mountain this fall. Prayers everyone – including the adults- makes it through the winter. I was very concerned for la Nina with her late arrival last October, and she came into spring looking great. Are there any other mares that are expecting?

  • Oh wow all these late ones all of a sudden!!
    Yes I hope the winter is kind to them, it is still unseasonably warm here in the uk…

  • So glad Innocetes finally provided us with a foal. How long has it been since she’s had one of her own? I know I’ve been waiting for a couple years now for a Cloud x Innocetes foal. Mama looks very proud and I can’t say I blame her:)

    • Her only other foal was Lynx in 2011 who was sired by Ferdinand, but grew up in Cloud’s band.

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