2015 Camping Trip Information, Available Dates and Reviews!

Wild in the Pryors

Due to a cancellation, there is one spot available in August.  Click on 2016 to go to next years dates.

Below are the available Tour Dates for 2015.   For questions and reservations:  Phone: 406-360-8959.  Email: wildinthepryors@aol.com

Please click here to read some reviews from past guests: REVIEWS   At the bottom of this post there are some reviews from some of this years guests!

A mountain top view.
A mountain top view.

Wild in the Pryors is permitted by the Bureau of Land Management to conduct small group tours within the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range from January to December. Wild in the Pryors is one of a handful of businesses that have the federal permits necessary to guide clients onto this federal property.
Wild In The Pryors is also licensed to give tours within the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

London and Knight, June 2014
London and Knight, June 2014

Sandy goes to the Pryors Mountains many times through-out the year ( this past summer, she has camped more than 40 days on the mountain top, this year will be over 55 days). Experience a camping trip with someone who knows all the horses and the places they may hide.  With this trip, you won’t just go to view the horses, you will go to know the horses, hearing the many stories that she shares, making this a once in a life-time experience.

Blue Moon, August 20, 2014
Blue Moon, August 20, 2014

All tours may include light to moderate hiking.

All trips include transportation up and down the mountain, all food, snacks, tents, and expert personal guiding. (last night dinner is on your own once we return to Cody).

The trips will start and end in Cody, Wyoming on the beautiful Monster Lake Ranch.  We will be staying there the night before and after the camping trip.  (extra cost will apply).  Arrangements can be made for pick-up at the Cody Airport.

Camping trips will be limited to 4-5 guests.  Sandy will have an assistant with her who will do the camp cooking and help you with any camping needs.  Sandy will personally be doing all of the guiding.

Cloud, July 2014
Cloud, July 2014


This trip may be a bit colder than the others, but to be some of the first people to see the horses reach the mountain top for the summer, makes it all worth it.

1. June 21-24, 4 day/ 3 night  FULL

2.  June 27-29, 3 day/2 night  FULL


This month is the most popular and also the prime wildflower season.

1. July 2-5, 4 day/3 night Full Moon   FULL

2. July 7-10, 4 day/3 night    FULL

3.  July 12-14, 3 day/2 night FULL

4.  July 25-28, 4 day/3 night Full

5.  July 30-August 2, 4 day/3 night.  A “Once in a Blue Moon” trip.  The 2nd Full Moon of July. Full


These trips may include more hiking, it just depends on the year.  However, if you love to hike and see some of the hidden areas that not many people get to see, this would be a great month for you.  The sunsets are even more intense this time of year.

1.  August 4-7, 4 day/3 night YOGA AND WILD HORSES.   No previous yoga experience necessary.  You do not have to do yoga, this is an option.   FULL

We will start the morning on the mountain with a yoga session, watch the horses all day, then end the day with another yoga session.  Yoga will be taught by a certified Yoga Instructor.  Contact Sandy for more details.

2.  August 9-11, 3 day/2 night. 1 Space available

Killian and Bolder
Killian and Bolder
Mule Deer Buck at sunrise, August 2014. Taken right by camp.
Mule Deer Buck at sunrise, August 2014. Taken right by camp.

All trips leave from Lovell, Wyoming (unless other arrangements are made).  Airports nearby: Billings, Montana.  Cody, Wyoming.

A 50% down payment is required upon booking with the remainder due one month prior to your trip.

All payments are considered non-refundable. Refunds may be made when cancellations can be filled.

 Anyone interested in a trip will be asked to complete a Pre-Screening Health Questionnaire, and those who book a trip will be required to sign an Acknowledgement of Responsiblity and Assumption of Risk document, as per Montana State Law.

Nimbus, July 2014
Nimbus, July 2014

Be sure if you book a trip with someone, that they have the proper permits in place. This is required by law for anyone giving tours on Public Lands.  Please click on PERMITS to read my blog post about this.


Reviews from this year (2014)

Jackson, October, 2011.
Jackson, October, 2011.

My whole life has been filled with dreams of watching the wild horses running free. My dream came true this year when a good friend told me about Sandy and Wild in the Pryors.

The minute I read about the four day camping trip I booked it. I really had no idea what to expect. Sandy was incredible. The minute I met her I knew this was going to be a great trip. We started our adventure with a drive up to the mountains early the first morning. The views were breathtaking and we had not even gotten to the horses yet. When we reached the top the views were like something I had never imagined. The horses were grazing and playing in the field across from our campsite. The grass was filled with wildflowers.

Sandy and her assistant Jeanne were so nice. The meals were all prepared on their camp oven and were really good. We woke to the sounds of winnies and the smell of fresh coffee. The nights were spent watching the incredible sunsets and listening to the horses playing throughout the night. Sandy is very knowledgeable about wild horses and knows all the horses by name. I felt like she was introducing me to her horse family. Her love for the Pryor horses is infectious. Throughout the week I learned about all the different horse bands and wild horse behaviors. I love that I can log into her blog any time from home and check in on the horses that I fell in love with.

I have already booked another trip with Sandy and can’t wait. If anyone is looking for a 5 star camping trip to see the Wild Horses I would recommend this one. Every last detail was taken care of. The only thing I had to do was sit back relax and watch my dreams coming true. The Pryor Horses are beautiful. Thank you Sandy for this once in a lifetime experience. There is not a day that goes by I don’t think about the week I spent with your Pryor Family. Can’t wait to bring all of my friends and join you again.

Meg, St.Louis, MO

Lakota at my campsite, July 2011
Lakota at my campsite, July 2011

I’m a Pryor Mountain Mustang owner living in Europe. When I asked my wife and my daughters if they would agree to go and see where our stallion was born, they were enthusiastic.
I knew Sandy from wildinthepryors just through her blog and a few email we exchanged before but I also knew that we are sharing the same passion for those horses.
Sandy knows where to find the horses. It sounds obvious, but if you’ve ever been on the range, you know it’s not that simple. During the 3 days, we saw all the mountains horses. She knows all the horses by their name and all their parents too! She can describe their behavior and announces, when 2 stallions are getting too close, that something is going to happens.
But it’s not only about horses. The mountain top offer incredible landscape’s view. And the camping and catering was just perfect.
After our 3 days on the mountain top, we went on the Dryhead for the last morning. Once again, we were lucky and we saw more than 20 horses. Our last words : we will come back!

Cedric, France.


Here is a link to a blog about the trip that one of my guests did this year.  Click on REVIEW to go there.

Sandy, August 2014
Sandy, August 2014

Review of the Wild in the Pyrors Full Moon Tour July 2014

A friend of mine introduced me to Sandy’s blogs about the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses about 18 months ago, when we were also talking about travelling together to the USA. We very quickly decided that this was where we wanted to go and subsequently planned our trip around the Full Moon Tour.

I love horses, photography and wild places so I was excited to be going to the mountains that I had read so much about. The reality was even more amazing that I could have imagined. The Pryor Mountains and the horses that live there gave me that ‘once in a lifetime’ experience (although if I can make it happen again I will!). It is a truly wonderful place that allows you to completely escape from real life and observe the horses living theirs. I was often torn between wanting to take photos and just sit watching them, soaking it all up.

Sandy was the perfect guide and host. Firstly by making it up the ‘somewhat scary in places’ road with ease and getting us set up with the prime camping spot on top of the mountain. The organisation of the camping and food was spot on, my favourites being the home made cookies and scones. She even had vitamin supplements to help me get over my cold! But more importantly she knows and cares about the horses and their mountain home like they are family. This allowed us some amazing close up encounters that I will never forget in particular the discovery of new foal, less than a day old, and the afternoon we spent amongst the trees with the horses in the wild flowers – beautiful!

So if you really want to see how horses live in the wild and escape from the stresses of our everyday lives I would thoroughly recommend taking a Wild in the Pryors tour. My only warning…it becomes an addiction 😉

Ros Jones, Oxfordshire, UK

Logo designed by Amber Bushnell. Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell. Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.

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