A Summer of Horses

Wild in the Pryors

What an incredible summer it has been, and it is not over.  I am down from the mountain to take guests to the airport in Cody, and then heading back up later today with a good friend.  Tomorrow will begin my 5 day class with the University of Montana, Western students.  I look forward to watching them get to know the beautiful horse souls that I have been able to share my summer with.

Mule Deer Buck at sunrise this week.
Mule Deer Buck at sunrise this week.

It is hard to explain to someone who has never experienced the mountain, just how special this place is.  Not only for the horses, but for the spiritual beauty and peace that this mountain is and what it has to offer to anyone that is willing to accept it and also to open their hearts and listen to what it tells you.

I for one have become more at peace with my own life and more excepting of what life gives me, and what I do with it.  Life is short, but very good and I cherish each day that I have.

I don’t have time for a long post of many photos, but I decided to just share a short story of one band that I have grown to love. The  Hamlets.

Niyaha, Hamlet and Audubon, August 16, 2014
Niayha, Hamlet and Audubon, August 16, 2014

These photos are not good.  The lighting is too bright, it was the middle of the day.  I apologize for that, but the story it tells far out weighs the quality of the photos.

I have been watching this band all summer.  In June, Hamlet kept them to himself at the far end of the range, past Penn’s Cabin.  But now, they freely mingle with the other bands.

Hamlet is an incredible band stallion.  I am amazed and have to remind myself that this is his first band.  He is everything I would want in a stallion.  Caring, kind, protective and fair.  I look forward to watching him for many years and seeing his offspring on the range.

The Hamlets.
The Hamlets.

Audubon seems very content with Hamlet.  I have seen them many times in close close to her former band (Morning Star).  I found it interesting to watch Morning Star’s mare try to make eye contact with Audubon.  She would not give them a glance.  I have to think about that and what the reason may be, but it is obvious that she is content and happy with her new life.  Niyaha on the other hand tries not only to make eye contact, but frequently tries to go up to her birth band.

Hamlet's band walks past Morning Star's band
Hamlet’s band walks past Morning Star’s band

Niyaha is beautiful young filly, full of life and energy.  When she takes off at a dead run towards Morning Star’s band, I can almost imagine the look on Hamlet’s face.  He would have to step in and bring her back, but not before receiving Morning Stars displeasure of the situation.  But Hamlet is wise and backs down fast.  He doesn’t want to risk losing his family.  He is wise beyond his years.

Wild in the Pryors

Niayha and Audobon
Niyaha and Audobon
Hamlets and Morning Stars
Hamlets and Morning Stars

Wild in the Pryors

Morning Star chases them off
Morning Star chases them off

Wild in the Pryors

And so, today, I head back up to the mountain top for my longest single stay on the mountain to date.  Six days.  I look forward and will treasure each moment.


PS:  After pushing the “publish” button, I realized that this was my 300th post!

Logo designed by Amber Bushnell.  Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell. Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.




12 thoughts on “A Summer of Horses

  • Thanks, Sandy. That was a great time of watching and learning, and I didn’t have nearly as many pictures as you did, so I’m very pleased to have these to look at.

  • Thanks for sharing this story with us! And I dont think the pictures look bad at all! I’m also like you and enjoy the picturers no matter what time of day or the quality. But I really don’t think these pictures look bad!

    Audubon looks great! It’s nice to see her in a good body condition again after her not looking so great last year. I’m happy that she seems content with her new life. I’m happy for Hamlet too and glad to hear he’s such a great band stallion. I can feel the intensity of Gaelic Princess and Hailstorm’s stares through the picture at the pond and I see Hataalii watching too. Niyaha is beautiful. Being young and full of life and energy she probably doesnt quite understand yet why she cant just go running off at any time to visit whatever band she wants. I think she probably just wants to visit with her aunts and her new little brother. I’m sure Morning Star is just a little more aggressive towards Hamlet since he has his former longtime mare (ha who also seems to have no intention of returning to him like she did last year!)
    Congrats on your 300th post and I hope you have a great six days on the mountain and get to see a Galadrial foal while you’re up there!! 🙂 And Ketchikan too! Innocentes would be a bonus too if she’s still pregnant!

  • Thank you for telling Hamlet and family’s story. I do wonder about Audubon’s decision not to make contact with her old band. The photo of the mule deer is fantastic! But then I have a weakness for deer. 🙂 Enjoy your next 5 days. What a gift to receive from nature.

  • Ohhh…have a great time on the mountain. These Forest boys seem to make good band stallions, Hernando is doing well with his band as well, taking in Niabrara and Maelstrom.

  • I know Nimbus’s story has been told and retold many times over the summer. I’d like to tell what I saw. I saw two youngsters who just seem to be in love. When other stallions came to close Knight simply went out to protect his lady. It was so sweet to watch. Imagine being at the top of a mountain, in a little valley, surrounded by rocks. There is a little pond to drink from, and scrub grass to eat. Two leggeds sit atop the rocks quietly watching.

    I’m with my first love the humans call Knight. He’s pretty young like I am–he’s only 4. Humans say he’s too young to hang onto me but see I love Knight. When I got kick out of the band I was born into Knight made sure I had something to eat and drink. He’ll stand head to tail with me flicking flies off all day long. And if one of the other bully boys comes around Knight will protect me from them. He’s not afraid to mix it up. He wants those other boys to leave us alone.

    I want to stay with Knight. It was very confusing getting kicked out of my band. I knew I hadn’t done anything to deserve that. I’m scared to try to go back. All that icky stuff could happen again.

    Honestly I hope Nimbus will be okay. She does need to be around mares to learn all this mothering stuff. But short of that–I think the above kinda gives some thought to how Nimbus feels right now.

  • Enjoyed the post, Sandy! Congrats on the 300th!!! I can’t believe I’ve read that many, but I know I’ve read them all, and I know I’ve learned to recognize a lot of the horses, and I’ve memorized a lot of their lineage and stories. All because of 300 posts!!! Thank You!!!

  • Happy 300th! And keep them coming. 🙂 Every picture you’ve seen fit to share has been great as far as I’m concerned, and I look forward to enjoying many more. I liked your take on Hamlet’s family, and have to share with you that the night I stayed on the mountain after you, Jonathan and his dad and Brianna left, Hamlet and his girls spent the night bedded down just a little way from where I was parked. It was the sight of them basking in the early morning sun that greeted me when I awoke that next day. They were so calm and beautiful. It was a great beginning to a great day. I am excited for you about your time with the students. They’ll have a great teacher. 🙂

  • I love what wonderful band stallions Hamlet and Hernando are turning out to be 🙂 I wonder if Niyaha will end up settling with Hamlet or decide he is more of step-father figure-time will tell, I guess! She seems affectionate with him at least. Audobon’s behaviour is curious, but at least she seems to feel
    as though she made the right choice.

    Congrats on the 300th post! 🙂

  • My daughter attends The University of Montana Western, and is a part of the group that will be with you. She has looked forward to it for months. Thank you for making it possible. It’s a dream come true for her.

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