Pryor Foal # 15.

Moenkopi and her colt, Obsidian. July 13, 2014
Moenkopi and her colt, Obsidian. July 13, 2014

Pryor Foal number 15 was born yesterday to the mare Moenkopi and the stallion Cappuccino.

Moenkopi is the 2012 daughter of Galena and Jackson.  Cappuccino is the 2002 son of Rosarita and Starbuck.

Wild in the Pryors

I saw this band the afternoon of July 12th.  Moenkopi looked to be bagging up at that time.  I just had a feeling it may be that night.  As luck would have it, we discovered them late in the afternoon of July 13, 2014.  Blanca was busy keeping everyone away from Moenkopi, including Cappuccino.

We were able to locate this band again this morning in a remote area of the mountain, away from all the other bands.  It was then that we were able to confirm that Moenkopi’s foal is a colt.  Both look to be doing well and Cappuccino was allowed back into the band.

Following in the tradition of the meaning of Moenkopi and Galena, which are rocks and/or minerals.  My group and I decided we would name the foal Obsidian.  Which is a black volcanic rock.  Even though he is not black, it seemed fitting, as this rock is found on the Pryor Mountains.  Obsidian is also called an Iceland Agate, making this even more fitting, as one of my guests came all the way from Iceland to see the Pryor Horses.


Moenkopi, Obsidian and Blanca, July 13, 2014.
Moenkopi, Obsidian and Blanca, July 13, 2014.

Wild in the Pryors

Logo designed by Amber Bushnell.  Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell. Wild in the Pryors and this logo is copyrighted.

12 thoughts on “Pryor Foal # 15.

    • I was thinking Onyx/Obsidian would be good names for Feldspar’s colt too….I do love the name Ohanzee though 🙂

  • He is a very pretty foal. His face is shaped exactly like Moenkopi’s. A lot of times young mares, especially maiden mares, don’t bag up until shortly before the foal is born. Often the same day, like with Moenkopi. I know Moenkopi will have some great help from Blanca. It’s awesome that she got to help take care of her granddaughter and then now she will help raise her grandson. Haha I have to admit, it’s funny hearing that Cappuccino had to wait to be “allowed” back into his own band. I wouldn’t mess with Blanca on a mission though either. I think Obsidian is a great name, even if he’s not black. It’s one of the names I hoped would get used this year. It’s great to hear that mare and foal are doing well, especially with these young new moms. This band must have trusted you, Blanca especially, to have allowed you within viewing distance of this new foal. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • I am so thrilled you were the one to find Obsidian. You were so concerned for Moenkopi on July 10 when we were with you for our awesome day together on the mountain. A beautiful boy and the name is perfect!! What a wonderful event for your Icelandic guest, can’t top that!

  • Glad to hear Moenkopi is looking well-2 years old really is so young to have a foal! Obsidian is adorable and I love the name 🙂 It’s lovely to hear of Blanca’s motherly actions too-even though Cappuchino may not have been too thrilled about them haha 🙂

  • I’m glad she gave birth to her foal safely and that Blanca was looking out for her. Not sure if that is common wild horse behavior but I just don’t want to read a repeat of what happened with Nacer last year. 🙁

    • Diane Granger who is a board member of the Mustang Center and also now has Liesl and Kaibab, has one of Blanca’s foals. A bay mare that she named Charlotte. I think she may actually be Blanca’s first foal. I think she had some foals during the “mountain lion years” that didn’t survive. Specifically I know she had a 2005 buckskin filly (by Lakota) that didn’t survive. Then she had Galena in 2006. Her 2007 colt Hunkpapa (by Lakota) is the one Livi mentioned that was removed in 2009. And she had a 2010 colt named Kalispell (also by Lakota) ,who Livi also mentioned, who disappeared as a coming yearling.

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