Pryor Foals # 12 and 13. 2014

Maia and her colt, June 22, 2014
Maia and her colt, June 22, 2014

Foal number 12.  Born to the band stallion Galaxy, the 2006 son of Lakota and Quelle Colour and Maia, the 2012 daughter of Hera and Prince.  This little foal is a colt, named Oro.  Discovered by TCF on June 21, 2014.

Galaxy with his first son.
Galaxy with his first son.
Maia and Oro
Maia and Oro
Maia and Oro
Maia and Oro

Foal number 13.  Born to the band stallion Duke, the 1996 son of Flicka and Big Foot and Graciana, the 2006 daughter of Bacardi and Baja.  Discovered on June 21 by TCF.  A colt, he is not named yet.

Graciana's colt.
Graciana’s colt.
Graciana and her colt, June 22, 2014
Graciana and her colt, June 22, 2014
Graciana and colt.
Graciana and colt.
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12 thoughts on “Pryor Foals # 12 and 13. 2014

  1. I am obessed with Oro!! He is so gorgeous! I hope he inherits Galaxy’s wavy mane 🙂 He’s definitely one of my favorite foals of this year. And its so great to see how natural Maia is as g mother. Gracianna’s colt is such a cutie too! Im glad she foaled again this year.

  2. Oro and Maia are such a beautiful pair- he’s definitely going to be a looker 🙂 I still can’t get over how great Maia looks either, I was really concerned for her given her young age. And I’m so glad to hear that she’s doing so well as a mother!

    Can’t wait to hear what they called Graciana’s colt! His eyelashes look so long in that first picture 🙂

  3. Oh yay Galaxy! Not sure how he became my favorite stallion through your pictures but he is now. Bet he is a proud Papa.

    It’s funny you posted the pictures of the horses cooling off on the snow. I was just telling my mom about this yesterday explaining some of behavior of the horses that I’ve witnessed through your blog and I mentioned the snow because I thought it was cute (though I realize they do it for practical reasons and not because they think they look cute).

  4. I’ve been thinking of who is left to foal yet that we know of, or at least who definitely looks pregnant. Lariat, Moenkopi, Halcyon, Galadrial, Ketchikan, and I could be wrong but I really think Ingrid/Innocentes is too. I’ve also heard that Cascade looks like she may be pregnant. So that’s potentially seven more foals. Seven surprises this year: Waif (who we were kind of predicting would foal), Sacajawea, Morgana, Maia, Lariat, Moenkopi, Ketchikan. Eight if Cascade is pregnant too. I’d love for someone to see Halo up close. I’m curious to see if she is pregnant this year. It’s nice to see some of the Dryhead mares foaling, even if they are surprises, since the foaling ratio is so much lower in the Dryhead. Last year there were only three foals and all three were from mares who weren’t supposed to foal. And so far five this year, three from mares who weren’t supposed to foal. Possibly a sixth if Cascade is pregnant. I wish Fools Crow’s band would show themselves so we can see what Icara and Morgana’s foals look like!

    1. I can’t wait to see what their foals look like either-Morgana’s isn’t even named yet! Ah well, patience I guess! I’m glad there have been more births in the Dryhead too, hopefully Morgana had a filly to increase the number of females out there!

      I hope all these surprises don’t cause another removal sooner than planned….although it seems to me that many of the mares that are in the no-PZP window aren’t pregnant so that should balance out things. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing more foals! 🙂

      1. I hope Icara and Morgana’s foals will be fillies too. I was happy when both Morgana and Mercuria turned out to be fillies. I hope those won’t be in danger of a future removal because we need to keep some young mares in the Dryhead. Hopefully like you said, the surprises will balance out with the number of mares in the no-pzp window that aren’t foaling this year.

      2. Yes, fingers crossed! It’s so frustrating to have to constantly worry which foals will be removed-hopefully the PZP program will seriously cut back on the removals in the near future!

        As far as pregnant mares go, does anyone know if Heritage and Jacinta have definitely been ruled out as not pregnant? I thought they looked as though they could be in a couple pictures I saw a while ago….

      3. Oracle is a colt. I’m not sure about Jacinta. I’ve seen pics that made me think she wasn’t, but then there was one of the Mustang Center fb of her in the trees that was posted last month or so where she looked like she was. So I’m not sure about her. Sandy may have an idea having seen her in person. I would love for Heritage to be pregnant!

    2. Oh wow, another colt! I love Oracle’s primitive markings, what a cutie. Jacinta looked soooo pregnant in that picture on Facebook! But it could have just been the angle of course. And yes! Heritage is one I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for a foal from 🙂

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