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Blue Moon and Tecumseh/Gringo band, June 17, 2012
Blue Moon and Tecumseh/Gringo band, June 17, 2012

As I check and double check my lists for my upcoming trip to the Pryors, I took a little time out to read Ginger’s (TCF) great report from the mountain.  I almost felt as if I was there after reading it. I can not wait to see all the horses for myself.  I leave on Saturday.

Click on TCF to go to Ginger’s report.  Thank you Ginger for the updates.


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10 thoughts on “Mountain Update From Ginger

  • I feel like Knight is lucky that him and Inali have been friends for so long. I think that is part of the reason that Knight has been able to keep Inali at bay. Even though it seems their fights are getting more intense. I think Inali must be holding back a bit because of that friendship. He could easily overpower Knight. I don’t know if Inali will continue to hold back a bit if that’s what he’s doing. I think eventually Inali may end up with her. I think Grijala must not have come upon this situation yet. I think if he had, he would have taken her from them. I see Ginger also shared the hope that you and I had Sandy, that Hernando would swoop in and take Encore from the bachelors. Pheonix and Warbonnet are looking phenomenal. Little Okomi is so cute! I’m am glad to see Aztec standing up for him and Firestorm if she thinks there is too much pressure on Okomi. I bet a lot of those mares are feeling restless right now in that situation with all of the back and forth. I bet Aztec also sees Firestorm in somewhat of a daughter way too. Since she was one of the mares Firestorm grew up with. I bet Bolder will soon kick out Echo. I know we’ve all wondered when that will be, but I’m thinking that now with that behavior it may end up being sooner rather than later. Echo has seemed respectful of Bolder up until this point. If he’s pushing the boundaries now I don’t think Bolder will continue to be so tolerant. I think Cascade/Celt will go with him. And I think that maybe he will be able to hold onto her. Ha the only “bachelor” stallion still nursing his mother. It will be interesting for sure. I would love to see Baileys get to step up into that lead mare role. Ginger’s said before that she thinks it is a role that Baileys would fall into naturally, but when there were other reproducing mares in Cloud’s large band, she didn’t have the “status” to take that role. But I would love to see her step into that now. So glad Cloud is doing much better. Fingers crossed for an Ingrid foal! Ohanzee seems like he will be quite the character. Looking forward to you being there!

      • Thanks! I wish I could be there with you too! Can’t wait until next year! SO much has been going on, I bet there will be even more drama while you’re there. Haha if only they knew how we hang on every detail of their lives!

  • Oh my goodness, I’m in love with Ohanzee and Okomi-so adorable and buckets of personality! I love Okomi checking out the ATV haha. And Oracle is just precious too 🙂 I, too, was glad to see Aztec stepping between Doc and Firestorm and Okomi. She’s a lovely mare. I’d really like to see that family back with Jackson, for multiple reasons! Aztec is looking really good, actually, most of them look great! 🙂 glad to see Cloud looking much better and both his mares looking so good. I think Innocentes may be in foal!

    I love Hernando and the way he has adopted Niobrara and Maelstrom. If they can’t be with their original band then Hernado, Phoenix and War Bonnet make the best adoptive family I can think of. I did think Mandan is Santa Fe’s son? I really hope Nimbus’ situation improves soon, she looks so vulnerable amongst those big boys! Knight really looks like he’s matured. I think Sarah brings up a very interesting point about Inali and Knight being friends for so long. I can’t imagine Knight is up to Inali’s level strength-wise. I just hope no one gets seriously hurt!

    I think Baileys would make a good lead mare, too. It will be really interesting to see what happens with Killian and Bolder, and Cascade too!

    Have a great trip to the Pryors-say hi to the horses for us! 🙂


  • I can’t remember which post it was under, but I think I read in a response to someone on TCF facebook page they said Nimbus (Encore) and Knight were no longer with the bachelors. I’m not sure if that means they’re still together, but I hope it’s a sign things are looking up for Nimbus.

  • What an update! She writes really well, though it was a little long so I had to skip a little towards the end. I’m glad Cloud is okay but to be honest I am more worried about Encore. Cloud has plenty of wild horse living experience, even if he was alone he’d be okay. Encore is very young and I’m not sure this aggressive environment is very safe. I hope an experience stallion steals her away so she can get away from this Gossip Girl drama!

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