Nimbus…A New Life

Let’s hope it is as good as it sounds. She is a sweet and beautiful girl.

Nimbus, August 2013
Nimbus, August 2013
Nimbus, May 28, 2014.  Photo by Scott P.
Nimbus, May 28, 2014. Photo by Scott P.


Many people have been asking about Nimbus after her separation from her family of Cloud and Feldspar. Just a note that Nimbus is one of the horses with two names. She is also known as Encore.  This new situation might not be an ideal situation, but she had found companionship with a young stallion, Knight.

Nimbus Nimbus

After first leaving her family, Nimbus did have some dark staining on her rear end. On May 25, 2014 she was back to her light palomino color with just her tail showing the dark stain. Nimbus and Knight  were standing on a ridge with London and Inali right near them. The two other bachelors seemed to keep their distance.

IMG_9205 Nimbus and boys Nimbus, Knight, and London

Hamlet Inali

Nimbus seemed content enough to lie down and take a short nap with Knight close beside her.

Nimbus wakes up from nap. Nimbus wakes up from nap.

There was not pressure on young Knight or…

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10 thoughts on “Nimbus…A New Life

  1. Fingers crossed for her!! Will Nimbus be given PZP this spring according to the treatment program? Hopefully that would prevent her from conceiving if she hasn’t already-though it won’t prevent her coming into heat :/

  2. She looks healthy and content. Hopefully Knight can keep her safe and if he’s lucky maybe even hold on to her for a while. He is a gorgeous young stallion himself and I’d imagine these two would have lovely offspring in the future if he doesn’t loose her.
    Keeping my fingers crossed she isn’t all ready bred. She’s just so young. If she is bred I sincerely hope she can give birth as smoothly as possible.

    1. I am not so sure that by just looking at photos I would say for sure that she is healthy and content, but that is what I certainly hope for. I too, hope she has not been bred.

  3. I am trying to find the posts on the filly that was taken from her herd last year by another, and passed away after a couple days. Could you help me out? Thank you very much!

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