Pryor Foal # 8, 2014

Pryor Foal # 8 was discovered yesterday.( by the PMWMC and others).  This discovery also brought some other good news that Cloud had also been found.  His mares Feldspar (who has the new foal) and Inocentes were back with him too.  Still missing from the band are Mica (who has been seen) and Nimbus (who is still with some bachelors).

Foal # 8, born to Feldspar and Cloud.  A colt.  Name:  Ohanzee

Feldspar is the 2005 daughter of Rosarita and Starman, Cloud is the 1995 son of Phoenix and Raven.

Photo by Nancy C. (PMWMC)
Photo by Nancy C. (PMWMC)
Feldspar, Mica and Nimbus, April 28, 2014
Feldspar, Mica and Nimbus, April 28, 2014
Cloud, April 28, 2014
Cloud, April 28, 2014

Thank you Nancy for sharing this news!


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17 thoughts on “Pryor Foal # 8, 2014

  • I’m so happy to hear about Cloud. I have been very concerned for his well being and what a beautiful new foal he has. Now if Nimbus could just be reunited with her family without anything “bad” happening to her that would be great news. Thank you, Sandy for the update

      • On your TCF update blog post you shared a couple days ago I know I said that I was torn between thinking that with all of the stallion action around her she may have no hope of not getting pregnant and thinking that maybe the stress of the situation may prevent her from conceiving. Today I had another thought. I was thinking about some of the experience I’ve gotten this year with the broodmares at Clemson this past year. A mare’s first heat of the year is usually a “transitional” heat and the mare will not conceive during this heat. This is also most likely Encore/Nimbus’s first heat ever and her very young age combined with this being her first heat ever will likely (and hopefully) keep her from conceiving. The time of year makes me almost positive that it’s a transitional heat. All three of those reasons each give a low fertility level. Obviously it’s not 100%, but hopefully it will be enough to prevent her from conceiving. Just another thing for us to think and wonder about haha!

  • While I think Cloud is striking looking, is there a reason he gets so much attention on the range? What’s his story? I’m just curious because I’ve noticed in the comments everyone seems to be obsessed with Cloud just because he is easily recognizable.

    • Ginger Katherins has documented Cloud’s entire life from the first day he was born. He has 3 documentaries and 3 books about his life. He is known around the world, which is why he gets some extra attention. People who may not know all the other horses, know Cloud and his story. That’s why he gets some extra attention.

    • I see that Sarah answered your question Amelie. That is pretty much it. Refreshing to see someone following the horses that did not know that story! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you in August!

      • Wow thanks for all the responses! I was just expecting Sandy to answer. I had actually never heard of Cloud before following Sandy’s blog or the Pryor Mountains despite all the documentaries about him.

    • Cloud is somewhat famous since Ginger Kathrens made three documentaries about him for PBS Nature. She continues to share updates on him on the website and the facebook page Cloud the Stallion. Her foundation The Cloud Foundation also raises awareness about wild mustangs not only in Cloud’s herd, but other herds too. They try to work with the BLM as much as possible to get more humane treatment for the horses both on and off their range. (As I write this I realize this is sounding a bit like a plug for TCF. I was their intern last summer, so sorry if this is a more enthusiastic response than what you were asking.)

  • While this is great news, I’ve decided to get myself worked up over Doc now. After reading how disinterested he seemed, do you think he was hurt badly in the fight with Cloud?

    • I would not worry too much about Doc. He has a way of taking pretty good care of himself, plus he is much younger. I hope that perhaps he is back with his mare,Demure, who when last seen (in April) was very pregnant. Hopefully she turns up with him (or with anyone) and has a beautiful healthy foal this year(she lost hers last year).

      • Thanks Sandy! 🙂 Seems like he bit off more than he could chew, causing quite a commotion while he was at it. I hope Demure is safe somewhere and her foal is safely delivered.

  • Great news about Cloud. I wasn’t ready to accept the prospect of his demise, any more than any other. I’m glad things are a little more settled for Feldspar and her new baby (if they are). Life can be pretty difficult out there when you’re at any disadvantage—very young, very old, injured or ill. 🙁 The baby is absolutely gorgeous, as all of Feldspar’s babies are. Gosh, I sound prejudiced, don’t I ? Will again be so interesting to see if this one roans out like Mica/Mato Ska. But, of course, all the babies’ final colorations are a fun guessing game. Thanks to all for sharing the news!

  • Such great news about Cloud. I was very relieved to read it! I’m so glad things went well for Feldspar. I was worried about her trying to foal with all of the drama going on. But her and the baby look great! This foal is so so cute and I can’t believe how much he/she looks like Mica/ Mato Ska! I wonder if this foal will end up blue roan too just like him. They both also look so similar to Encore, just a different color. Hopefully things will stay settled. It would also be nice to see Encore and Mica back with the band.

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