Pryor Foal # 3, 2014.

I received a message from Nancy (PMWMC) today telling me about the third foal to be born in the Pryors this year.

This foal was a bit of surprise, as she was born to an older mare.  But in my opinion there are not many Pryor mares as special as she.  It is Sacajewa, one of the most important and oldest blood lines on the mountain and also the mother of my adopted filly, Valerosa, whom I adopted in 2009.

Sacajewa gives birth to some of the most stripped up horses in the Pryors (and I am honored to own one!)  I am happy to see she has given us yet  another beautiful foal.  I am listing the father of this foal as unknown, since Sacajewa has switched stallions several times over the last several years.

Meet Oregon, a filly, discovered today by PMWMC board member Diane.  Thank you Diane for sharing with us this special discovery and thank you Nancy for letting me know!

Oregon.  Photo by Diane Granger.
Oregon. Photo by Diane Granger.
Photo by Diane Granger, 4-20-14
Sacajewa and her filly, Oregon. Photo by Diane Granger, 4-20-14

Sacajewa is the daughter of 1996 daughter of Calamity and Three Bars.  Currently they are in  Fiero’s band (also her son).


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13 thoughts on “Pryor Foal # 3, 2014.

  • Such a beautiful little girl! I knew this would be a special foal for you! On facebook a couple of days ago on the post Nancy made about a new blog post, Linda and I were thinking about possible sires. She was with Seattle that winter and then in the spring Seattle and Kemmerer became bachelors and Sacajawea was with Blizzard for the whole summer (that we saw.) Linda thought she remembered you saying Merlin spent sometime with Sacajawea last May? I couldn’t remember. Just wondering if you could confirm that. Either way whoever the sire is, a beautiful little girl 🙂

    • Hi Sarah! I just looked back at my list and as of May 16, 2013, Sacajewa was with Seattle, but I did have a note that she was seen with Merlin in early May. So I guess it could be either one of them. 🙂

      • Thanks 🙂 I was just looking at her pictures again and I think she’s going to end up rivaling Hidatsa in the leg stripe department. Such a cute little girl. I wonder if Strawberry decided she wanted to go back to Fiero to help Sacajawea with little Oregon. The girls seem to love to go back and forth haha.

  • What a beautiful surprise! Made all the sweeter upon knowing she represents one of the older bloodlines- hopefully those bloodlines will be around for centuries to come!

  • Oregon is so sweet and so stripy! I love learning more about the bloodlines on the range as well – it’s always interesting.

  • Ooh this one is so exciting. I’m thrilled to hear it. You get it, Sacajawea! I’m also really glad that little Oregon is a filly. Not that she would be any less exciting or lovable if she was a boy of course, but Sacajawea’s offspring on the range are pretty boy heavy so another little lady is fantastic!

    • I agree! Sacajawa’s last filly is looking at me outside my window. It is good to have another filly of hers on the range. Not to mention the Dryhead could use more! 🙂

  • I was just wondering if anyone has heard of Juniper, Horizon and Fiesta, as well as Demure and Mandan, being spotted?

    Also, on a more random note, how long ago did Gold Rush and Kindra go missing?

      • Ok, thank you! I’m trying to be patient in terms of waiting for news but it can be hard haha

        In terms of Gold Rush and Kindra, I was hoping it hadn’t been so long. Both were such lovely mares.

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