Mountain Update from the NPS

I received this message from Cass Bromley from the NPS with a brief update and some photos.  Thank you so much Cass, I really appreciate the update!

Hernando with Phoenix and Warbonnet, February, 2014
Hernando with Phoenix and Warbonnet, February, 2014

Hi Sandy,
From Thursday went up Sykes and Burnt Timber, lots of horses mostly out in the “hell n gone”, or Area Q or whatever you call that area way out there from Burnt Timber…. There are a few spots starting to show just a little green. We saw Bristol’s band, Grijala’a band, Hidalgo’s, Corona’s, Garay’s, Duke’s (still missing Madonna), Jackson’s (still has Heritage), Baja’s and Galaxy’s. We also saw Jemez, and Tecumseh still dogging his old band. No new foals yet.

All photos credit to NPS.

Jackson band, February, 2014
Jackson band, February, 2014

UPDATE: To clarify a few things in this report, I emailed Cass, based on some of the questions I got from you.

1.  All members are still in Jackson’s band.

2.  I am 99.9% sure that they saw Hernando with Phoenix and Warbonnet, not Grijala.  Those two can be pretty hard to identify, especially at a distances (which this was).  The NPS focus right now is the mares (for the PZP treatments), so I can imagine that it would be easy to just look over the stallions.


Washakie and Nahwa
Washakie and Nahwa


Tecumseh still dogging Gringos.
Tecumseh still dogging Gringos.
Part of Dukes
Part of Dukes
Map of Range taken from the internet.
Map of Range taken from the internet.
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

30 thoughts on “Mountain Update from the NPS

    1. Nahwa might get darker once he sheds his coat. He probably didn’t have time to shed out his baby coat before his winter coat grew in. Kind of like La Nina. Baja is on the lighter side, so he might stay light too. We’ll have to wait and see 🙂 La Nina is another one I’m looking forward to seeing her color once she sheds out!

  1. Thanks Sandy and Cass! Did Cass maybe mean Hernando instead of Grijala? Or does Grijala now have a band. I’m glad to see Nahwa looking so good! Washakie looks a bit thinner than usual, but not too bad, probably just because she had a September foal. Hopefully she won’t be pregnant this year. I think most (if not all) of the mares who have had September foals usually then didn’t get pregnant the next consecutive year. Probably because of the added stress on their bodies. But definitely glad to see Washakie and Nahwa in pretty good shape! Noble and Naolin look good too. Did Cass mention if she thought Helenium was looking pregnant? Just wondering since Noble was the first found foal last year. I hope Madonna shows up. I hadn’t realized she was missing. She was one I was worried about this winter. She just wasn’t looking her best all summer. By the end of summer she had put a good bit of weight on, but I’ve still been thinking of her this winter. Tecumseh looks to be in pretty good shape too for this time of year and for his circumstances with still dogging Gringo.

  2. Thanks to you and NPS for the update. Once again, most of the horses seem to be looking good. It’s no wonder Washakie is looking a bit diminished. It’s looks like Nahwa has spent a LOT of time eating. 🙂 He looks really good—and large for a late foal. Hopefully he has both his foal fur AND a winter coat. I’m pretty sure he needed it. 🙂 As always, the changing colors, thru the first two years, is going to be very interesting. I’m anxious to see what Mica looks like this summer—among others who are reaching that 2-yr-old status.

  3. Ooh yay-an update!! 🙂 glad to hear something about Duke’s band, though sorry to hear Madonna is missing 😦 Is that Meriweather looking straight at the camera in that last picture?

    Which bands have yet to be seen this winter? Have most of the bachelors been accounted for?

    Also, random question, but I was wondering if you know how old Blue Sioux is and who her parents are? She’s one of my favourite older mares 🙂

    Noble is so unique! Wonder if she’s related in some way to Heritage and War Bonnet? They are the only two I can think of with that liver chesnut colour, though colour genetics aren’t that simple either haha

    1. Hi Abbie, The PMWMC made a post about what bands have not been seen.(I reposted it here) But with this post those bands are now accounted for!! There are a few bachelors that I do not believe anyone has seen, but that is not unusual. We are entering the time where we will probably be spotting them and other horses easier.

      Blue Sioux was born in 1993 her parents are Princess and Konik.

      1. Umm, I guess that may be one band that has not been seen. (to my knowledge). But they like to be on the Sykes side, which can be even harder to spot this time of year. I am pretty confident they are okay.

  4. I’ve been meaning to ask since I know a few people use it, but where exactly is “hell n gone” and area Q? The Tecumseh photo definitely looks like out toward Burnt Timber canyon, the big lick and that guzzler- but I always see that area as one of the easier hikes on the range. From there to Cheyenne Flats can be a pain, but the lower hillsides aren’t too bad. Or is it all the way on the West side of the canyon?

    1. Hi Shawn, I believe Area Q (Hell n Gone) is the Forest Service area off of Burnt Timber (if you recall going through those “gates” around Cheyenne Flats). It would be to your left (as you are going up). I believe it is marked on a map of the range, but I can not find that particular map right at the moment. From there it moves down the mountain. If I find that map, I will post a link here.
      That area where the big lick and guzzler is, is called Jim’s Farm.

      1. Thanks, Sandy. I didn’t have notifications on, so I didn’t think of this until out there yesterday. I didn’t hike past the guzzler, but from a few spots I could see horses way out in what would be close to the green area. They were way to the front toward Crooked Creek road on that flat to the left of Burnt Timber canyon.. I am pretty sure it was Duke’s and Gringo’s.

  5. Thanks for the update ! its great to see Duke’s band… even if i must say it is weird not to see madonna there! Noble and Meadowlark look amazing!
    Does Grijala really have a band?!?!?!

    1. Hi Alex, I am betting Cass meant Hernando, not Grijala, but I don’t know for sure. I will email her this morning and get clarification. Meadowlark was Washakie’s foal that died last winter, do you mean Nahwa? Yes, he is looking great! So glad he is doing so well, considering how late he was born.

  6. I’m sorry to hear Madonna is missing, she was a favorite of mine in the older generation. I know she didn’t look well coming out of last winter.

    I’m wondering when Kitalpha will foal this year 🙂

  7. Does anyone know the most recent update in regards to Demure and Mandan? I know I read somewhere this winter that they were missing from their band….

    Also, has Amythyst had any other foals besides Fools Good? She was one of those “A” fillies to get the experimental PZP I believe and I know Fools Gold was born out of season…. Just wondering if she ended up having more foals (like Aztec) or just her one filly!

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