Winter Update: Unseen Bands

Galaxy's band, February 16, 2014
Galaxy’s band, February 16, 2014

Below is a link to a report from the Mustang Center on what bands have been seen and those that have not been reported being seen.

These horses are amazing in their survival. While I was there last week, I looked towards Jim’s Farm (with binoculars) several times over the course of my 4 days on the mountain. I did not see any horses, but that does not mean they were not there. There are so many areas where they could be and most likely just weren’t in clear view when I looked for them.

Thank you to the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center for giving this report. Please click on : “View Original Post”  below to read the entire post.

Also, here is a link from the BLM Facebook page just published this morning about the horses.  Please click on BLM to view that post.


Maelstrom and Jackson, February 18, 2014
Maelstrom and Jackson, February 18, 2014


Another Arctic blast is currently hitting the Pryor Mountains . This winter has definitely been one of snow, wind, and cold. The Pryor horses have endured winter for hundreds of years. However, when a year like this hits, we can only trust in their history and their perseverance for them to endure. Several organizations have been out observing the horses this winter. This post will use the information gathered and reported by The Mustang Center, The Cloud Foundation, and Wild in the Pryors. A special thanks to Ginger and Sandy for providing this information on The Cloud Foundation newsletter and the Wild in the Pryors blog.  The Mustang Center has used this information to do an informal survey to determine the horses seen during these winter months. This post will report the bands of horses not seen. Typically we don’t like to make speculations about the horses, but this…

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8 thoughts on “Winter Update: Unseen Bands

  1. Thanks for sharing! I always think of the horses in this weather, as I know so many others do too! I thought I read that the Cloud Foundation had spotted Horizon, Jupiter and Fiesta, but not Tonopah, when they were there this month? I know the horses know what they are doing but it’s scary on the human end when we don’t know how they are faring!

      1. Oh ok, well hopefully they are doing well!

        I was going off this comment from the Cloud Foundation Facebook page: “All the horses she saw looked to be in good shape, for such a harsh winter, but she did report that Tonopah, the oldest mare on the mountain at 28 years, is not with her band stallion He Who.” (Feb. 13th) I assumed from the comment that Ginger had seen Horizon, my mistake!

    1. Hi Thora,

      I have not heard of anyone seeing Chino or Santa Fe. But that is not unusual. There just has not been many people that have ventured up the mountain where they may be (they both have been know to winter on Burnt Timber area). When I take you up the mountain this summer, we will be going up BT, so you can see the vastness of the land and the many places they could be. Hopefully, along with a lot of the other horses that have not been seen, they will turn up soon, especially as the weather gets warmer and for sure by the time summer hits and they are on the top.

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