Adoption Update, 11 years later, Seneca’s Son.

Seneca's Son, 2003
Seneca’s Son, 2003

I had someone contact me about the Pryor Horse she adopted in 2003.  She had the horses number, so I was able to look it up and realized it was most likely Seneca’s first foal, born in 2002, # 2206.

Seneca was born in 1999 to the mare Guinevere and band stallion Starbuck.  She remained with that band until (according to the information I have) 2001, where she then went to be with the band stallion Sam. Giving birth to this colt in the spring of 2002.  So Sam is most likely the father of this boy.

Seneca, September 3, 2012
Seneca, September 3, 2012
Sam, August 2005. Photo by Ross K.
Sam, August 2005. Photo by Ross K.

In 2003 the Pryors were offered for adoption via an internet adoption.

Paper from Ross K.  Thanks Ross!
Paper from Ross K. Thanks Ross!

I am a little unclear on the exact details, but I believe that Seneca’s colt was adopted via the internet auction, but the adopter was not able to accept him.  From there, he was then sent to a BLM facility in Lorton, VA. where Sandra adopted him.

Rebel, as he is now called, lives in Mississippi with one other Mustang (from Oregon) and four miniature horses.  He is very curious, willing and fast!

Below are a few photos that Sandra sent to me.  Some of these photos are when Sandra and her family adopted him.

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Rebel, 2012
Rebel, 2012


Thank you Sandra for contacting me and sharing.  It is always great to see and hear how the Pryors are doing after they were adopted.

Also thank you Ross for the extra information and photos!


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

15 thoughts on “Adoption Update, 11 years later, Seneca’s Son.

  1. Thanks for sharing—everyone. I enjoy seeing the pics of Sam and Seneca from before I was out there. 🙂 And it’s great to see that little guy happy in his new home after the long journey. Kudos to the adopters. 🙂

  2. I love when adopters share updates with us! Rebel definitely looks like a Sam son! And he definitely seems to have a great home! Was this a small removal and adoption? I know they had a helicopter gather in 2001 and then a bait trap gather in 2006.

    1. Hi Sarah, I did some more digging this morning and found out that they removed 7 horses, all from the Dryhead. One 4- year old, one 3 -year old, four 2-year olds, and one 1-year old (Rebel). I have the numbers, but no names listed. Interesting, they were all bachelors or colts.

      1. Thanks 🙂 that’s interesting. I wonder if there was a similar situation as there is now in the male to female ratio and that’s why they look all bachelors or colts.

  3. It’s so heartening to know that some of these horses went to great homes. In the pictures in which Sandra’s husband (I’m assuming that’s who he is) is holding Rebel’s head, was that one of the first times he let a human touch him like that? It’s interesting to see how traditionally domesticated species that somehow go wild interact with humans. Thanks for sharing this update!

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