The Name Game, 2014. The “O” year.


It is time for the second annual “Name Game” post.  This is where all of you can suggest names for the 2014 foals born in the Pryors.  Of course, like last year, I can not guarantee that they will be used, but it will be fun to list them, and I do know that every time I discovered a foal last year, I came to this post to look at all of the suggestions.

In 2000, the BLM started using a letter for each year of foals, starting with A.  This year is the O year.  So please feel free to list your ideas in the comment section of this post.  And like last year, I will make another post with the collection of all those names that were suggested.  To read more about this system and why we use names, please refer to my Name Game post that I did last year.  Click on NAME GAME, to go there.

I am looking forward to reading all of your suggestions!  Also, please if someone has already listed your idea, please list it again anyway.  It will be fun to see what the most popular name suggestions are!


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136 thoughts on “The Name Game, 2014. The “O” year.

  • Yaaay, I finally have a name suggestion;) It’s of course gonna be for a Blue Moon foal (duh), and I’m thinking Orion. Since we already have the moon and a planet (Jupiter) it would be cool to go even further out to a constellation as well:) I also happen to be a bit of a science-geek, and it’s been my favorite constellation from I was a child, just as Blue Moon has been my favorite in the Pryors from I first saw him as a beautiful little colt:)

  • I did not actually make a comment with my ideas last year, but this year I thought I would. Jackson foals are usually (not always) named after Wyoming places and towns. Last year I went with a Montana town, which I found pretty fitting. Nye, it borders the Crow Indian Reservation. After all, most of the range is in Montana! But there are a few O names from Wyoming that are okay. They are: Opal (although as my friend Liz suggested to me this would be a perfect name for a Fools Gold filly), Otto.

    On the Montana side of things: Ovando (which I really love), this is a very small town not too far from me, right at the bottom of the Bob Marshall wilderness. Olive, Outlook, Otter. I think those are the best ones that Montana has to offer.

    • Depending on which one it went with, Opal could change in pronunciation, too. If it was used with someone not with Jackson, as the gem, it would be the normal pronunciation (O-pull). When I first lived in Wyoming in Kemmerer (near Opal- pronounced Kemmer), I was informed many times that it is not pronounced like the gem, but rather Oh- Pal, with the pal as in your friend. I’m not sure if there is an official listing somewhere, but everyone in that area uses the latter for the town. This is from the Lincoln County Historical Society ( :

      Derivation of Town’s Name

      I was born in the ‘Old Brown House’ near the dance hall in 1918, and how the town got it’s name was a question I remembered asking at an early age. The common reply was that either a sheepherder or a prospector found an Opal on that spot, circa unknown. 0-PAL, (accent on the 2nd syllable), was a pronunciation that indicated you were a native, rather than the sissified pronunciation akin to the stone. The Highway Department sign always indicated a stable population of 75, which led to the local joke of the reason for this stability – every time a baby was born, a man left town. Other stories say a man had a dog named, 0 pal. Still, others say when the Engineer on the Train called out the name of each town, he stretched out the name; “Oh-pal” .

      Half-way between Opal and Kemmerer was a little town/area called Oakley, too.

      • Thanks Shawn, that is really interesting. I was waiting on you to suggest a famous actor name for Greta’s. Of course, Oakley could be used for that one too, as in Anne Oakley.

  • Here’s what I have so far. I tried to keep my list neater than last year, but a lot of the names could be used for multiple mares/stallions.
    Kitalpha: Orbit, Odgerel (Starlight, Mongolia), Oamra (Moon. Muslim)
    Jewel: Opal, Onyx, Opalina
    Icara: Orla (Golden queen, Celtic)
    Halo: Odgerel (Starlight, Mongolia)
    Fresia: Obert, Orchid

    Mountain Top
    Halcyon: Orane (Rising, French)
    Isadora: Odessa (long journey, Greek), Odina (divine creative insperation, Scandanavian)
    Gabrielle: Orion, Otka (Lucky, Czech)
    Fiasco/Felicity: Odelle (Harmonious, Greek)
    Fool’s Gold/Autumn: Ofira (Gold, Hebrew), Odette (wealth, French)
    Dove: Olita (Winged, English)
    Demure: Obedience
    Graciana: Orsino (Shakespearean)
    Helenium/Hopi: Orton (Rich, Teutonic)
    Hera: Odin
    Greta: Ottila (German)
    Jacinta: Oriana (Golden, Latin)
    Galadrial: Oberon (Shakespearean), Oda (Elfin, German), Oilell (Mythical queen, Celtic)
    Juniper/Jewel: Ofek (Horizon, Hebrew), Occhave (Festive occasion, Indian)
    Firestorm: Oceana, Ouray (Arrow, Ute)
    Heritage/High Noon: Orea (From the mountain, Greek)
    Galena: Orpheus
    Hailstorm/Shadow: October, Ohanzee (Shadow, Native American)
    Gaelic Princess: Orion, Osberga (Queen, Anglo-Saxon), Ove (Celtic)
    Hataalii: Ornan (Rejoices, Biblical)
    Half Moon: Olena (light, Greek, Russian)
    Feldspar: Obsidian, Omawnakw (Cloud feather, Native American), Ophel (Small white cloud, Biblical), Oran (White, Celtic)
    Inocentes/Ingrid: Obioma (Kind hearted, Nigerian), Odakota (Friend, Sioux)
    Waif: Oddmound (Protection, Norwegian), Odtsetsgeg (Star flower, Mongolain), Omega

    Misc. Names: Omid (Hope, Persian), Onni (happiness, Finnish), Ophelia (Help, English), Orhan (leader, Turkish), Oroitz (memory, Basque)

  • Alright, I’m back with Oberon for Galadrial. The only other name I could come up with is “Odette” or “Odetta” which means “wealth.” So maybe for Fool’s Gold??? I like Orchid too. Everyone came up with great names already! 🙂

  • I like to go with names from nature, plants, animals, weather, sky, elements, etc., and places, so here is my list:
    Owl Feather
    Oso (Spanish for bear)
    Ouray, Colorado


  • O seems like a difficult letter until you see all these beautiful names and the way many of them link to certain mares. I like Opal for a Feldspar foal as they are both types of mineral/rocks or for a Jewel foal. Thanks, Sandy, for giving us this fun game that will result in some perfectly fitting names.

  • Osage, Opal, Oshoto, Orpha, Otto and Orin ( Wyoming towns) Oakley, Oneill, Onida and Odyssey. I also like Otter, Orion, October, Orchid, Odin and Olyvia.

  • Well I have a Bunch so I’ll just put the list names with their meanings and the place of their origins.

    Lets kick things off with names for the fillies:
    Oadira – Powerful or Potent – African
    Oamra – The Moon – African (This would be the perfect name if HalfMoon has a filly)
    Oceana – Of the Sea – Greek
    Odeletta – Little Spring – French (I love this name personally)
    Ophelia – To Help – Spanish
    Olathe – Beautiful – Native American (Also love this name)
    Olinda – Protector – Spanish
    Olympia – Mt. of the Greek gods – Greek (Galaxy baby maybe?)
    Omayda – Beautiful and Sweet – Italian
    Ona – Full of Grace – Latin American
    Onawa – Wide Awake – Native American (Really like this one too)
    Onida – Searched or Longed For – Native American (I don’t know about you guys but I really want to see a La Brava baby after she lost Nacer last year so this is my choice for her foal)
    Opaline – Jewel – French (This one really was meant for Jewel’s foalto be honest)
    Ophra – Fawn – Hebrew
    Orabelle – Beautiful Seacoast – English (LOVE this one!)
    Oralee – Light – Hebrew
    Orelia – Golden – English (Fools Gold foal maybe?)

    Alright now for all the wonderful colts:
    Obayana – King of Fire – Nigerian (I was thinking for FireStorm’s foal)
    Obediah – Serves God – Israel
    Odakotah – Friend – Sioux Indian
    Odayle (Oh-da-lee) – Of the Valley – English (I really like this one)
    Odyssey – Greek (Galaxy colt?)
    Ohanko – Reckless – Native American (For that one special colt)
    Ohanzee – Shadow – Sioux Indian
    Oliver – Peaceful – Latin American (Love it!)
    Oreb – Raven – Israel (Probably my favorite for the colts)

    And here’s to the names that go both ways:
    Oakley – Beside Oak Trees – English (I love this name myself)
    Omega – Last – Greek (For the last foal of the year)
    Onyx – Black as Night – Greek

    Enjoy! I had a lot of fun finding all these names so hopefully they can be put to good use 🙂

  • Just thought of another Wyoming town – Oriva. Pretty amazing all the names that have been mentioned. Thanks, Sandy, for the fun!

  • I have a feeling this “O” year will end up with some interesting names. I like several of the ones suggested already. I’ll be posting my suggestions soon.

  • Hopefully I will make it back to the mountain this summer. I have plans to anyway and look forward to maybe finding Jupiter, Hidalgo, Fiesta, Cappuchino, Baja, Garay, Grijala, Jemez and Merlin. Some of the ones we missed in September. I have a couple of pictures I can’t identify so would love to get your expertise if I see you.

  • Odyssey

    I was thinking the Greek ones would go well with Hera, Odyssey/Orion would be good for a Galaxy foal, and Onyx would be good for a Feldspar baby. Oh and Olive/Oakley for Juniper as they are all vaguely plant related….or Odyssey come to think of it (for Horizon) Some I just liked and was wondering if someone else might find a connection 🙂

  • Octavia or Octavius for the eighth found or born foal, Owyhee, Oro (Spanish for gold), Opus, Oracle, Oma (German for grandmother?), Oneida, Owen, Otoe, Ohitekah (Sioux for brave), Otekah (Navajo for “Sun Maiden” pronounced oh-tee-kuh)…These are all I have for now…Enjoying this blog tremendously!

  • I started reading suggestions, but decided I had better stop and do my list first or all I will be able to think of is some of the great names already mentioned. In order of the “who will have foals this year ” post, and will fill in the ones I can’t think of one for yet later.
    1) Kitalpha = not sure of her names origin, but ODYSSEUS would fit a colt from her or Greta, based just on how they travel and are hard to find. Knowing Greta’s origin, I am putting it here.
    2) Jewel = OPAL(grulla or blue roanish) or ONYX(bay/black)
    3) Icara= I assume this is from Icarus, so I would go OVID(wrote about him) or maybe Orion- although there are a lot of other places for Orion
    4) Corona = ORION,
    5) Fresia = ? need more origin info, but maybe OLEANDER if Fresia is from “flower”
    6) Waif = ? OAXACA ( Herman Cortes was the 1st Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca)
    Mountain top
    1) Halcyon = nothing good yet, geologically there is Orogeny, Oligocene(epoch before Miocene), Ordivician
    2) Isadora = OLINDA or ORLANDO (spanish) or maybe ORION/Orbital to go Starman/Blue Moon
    3) Gabrielle = ?
    4) Fiasco = Overland (campaign Custer and Sheridan took part in) – not much yet
    5) Fools Gold = One of the Onyx/Opal not used elsewhere
    6) Dove = OSPREY
    7) Demure = some stretches -Osten(pronounced austin, but opposite of Demure as in ostentatious), Ohkay (as in OK corral)
    8) Graciana = ? Orleans (duke of), Oxford(british)
    9) Helenium = ? origin? – OTHELLO?
    10) Hera = ORION – I like it best here with both Galaxy and the greek mythology connection, ORPHEUS if bay/black
    11) Greta = OLIVIA (de Havilland),
    12) Jacinta = ORTIZ – Jacinta sounds spanish, but LaSalle sounds french, so I can’t remember the origin. ORSON ( french – bear like)
    13) Galadrial = ? Olwe (galadriel’s grandfather, tolkien)
    14) Juniper = OLIVE, Oleander would work again, ORCHID
    15) Firestorm = out of Wyoming towns I can think of, so OSGILIATH or OZ
    16) Heritage = Oakley?
    17) Galena = OPAL, but not pronounced opal as a town name (see note somewhere above)
    18) Hailstorm = OHANZEE (colt- Sioux for shadow)
    19) Gaelic Princess = ORLAITH – Irish for “golden princess”, pronounced orla
    20) Hataalii = OJIBWE
    21) Half-Moon = OSCEOLA(bay/black),
    22) Feldspar = OBSIDIAN
    23) Inocentes =
    Names I like but don’t have anyone specific or don’t think would fit with nay traditions
    Obi Wan
    OBERON – really like this, but not sure for who. It is also a major moon of Uranus, so maybe with a Galaxy girl
    I’m getting tired, so I give up for now. It will be fun to see all of the suggestions.

  • Actually the names I like are already listed by someone else (Orbit, Orinocco, etc.) I’d like to suggest some more (they might be already suggested) like Olga, Okean, Okapi, Oziris, Orchid, Oblak( bulgarian word for “cloud”), Odiseya,Odin and Oz. 🙂

  • Also thought of:

    Ombre (shadow in French) for Hailstorm’s foal as she is also known as Shadow

    Ochre (the colour) for Gold Dust possibly? “Or” is French for gold but not that nice sounding in my opinion for a name, maybe a variation on it?

    Can’t think of anything for Firestorm but have been trying….

  • Spanish names:
    Oro – Gold (for Fools Gold)
    Osha’ – wild celery like plant that grows in the mountains (for Helenium or Jacinta)
    Oeste – west (for Waif since last years foal is Norte)
    Oso – bear
    Obispa or Ovispa – honeybee in Northern NM (Obispo is a bishop)
    Ojos or Ojitos (pronounced Ohos, Ohitos) – eyes (Ojo is also a spring as in Ojo Caliente)
    Ojitos Bonitos would be pretty eyes
    Orejas (pronounced Orehas) – ears
    Ocote – pitch pine
    Ocotillo (pronounced Ocoteeo) – spiny yucca like desert plant
    Olla (pronounced Oeea) – water jar or pottery
    Ollero or Ollera (pronounced Oee ero) – potter
    Oscuro – dark

  • Obra – a masterpiece
    Ochre – yellowish brown color
    Odyssey – long journey full of adventures
    Odin – Norse god of wisdom
    Ostinato – repeated melody or pattern
    Oswego – wild mint plant
    Owen – young fighter
    Ozem – strength

  • Hi Sandy,
    Here is my list of suggestions. There are a few that have been mentioned before, but there might be a few new ones that you might like as well:

    Orlando or Orlanda
    Octavia or Octavio depending on gender
    Orenda (Iroquois for magic power)
    Onawa (Native American for wide awake)
    Odina (Algonquian name meaning mountain)
    Oneida (native american meaning “standing rock”)
    Ovando (Montana?)

    Good luck with picking your favorites! With all of the good names suggested here it seems like a pretty daunting task.



    • Thank you Terry! I really do like Ovando. Maybe a Half Moon foal since she already has a Missoula! 🙂 I will only get to pick if I find a foal though. We will just have to see if any choose to show themselves to me first! 🙂

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention “Ollivander” for the wand maker in the Harry Potter series). I saw at least one other person suggested it as a name but wanted to throw in my vote for it 🙂

    Also, possibly “Odessa” for a Jackson foal if they branch out to different towns around the country? “Orchid” might work for a Fresia foal.

    Seems like there are a lot of great names! I love all the Greek mythology connections and the ones connected to the Sioux language 🙂

  • Osseo (AH-see-oh), Oscar, Opal, Olive, Orion, Octans, Oberon, Oceanus, Odelia, Olympia (for the Olympics), Olivette, Ornella, Owen, Octavia, Oakley, Odessa, Osaka.
    There is no that I’d be able to match them to herds or mares. I’ll let those more experienced with the horses do that. 🙂

  • I’m enjoying coming up with them 🙂

    By the way, I’ve been wondering: Who is the grulla to the right of the picture for this post?

      • He’s gorgeous! 🙂 (as they all are of course!) I love his colouring, I saw pictures of him as a foal but never knew his name so glad to have worked it out at last!

      • He is a grullo roan, so his coat will change different colors, depending on the time of year! He and his new sister, Nirvana are a perfectly matched pair! 🙂

  • That’s so neat, I think the roan gene is so cool! I’ve always wondered if Flint is a grullo roan?

    • Yes, Blue Moon/Flint is a grullo roan. I have a Pryor Grullo roan of my own, Kootenai. I just love watching his different shades during the year! Sometimes it seems he changes over night! Did you see the photo of Blue Moon that I posted on the Wild In The Pryors Facebook page yesterday? It is one of the better ones that I think I have ever taken of him. Lucky shot! 🙂

      • Yes I did, beautiful shot! 🙂 I have a grey who changes colours all the time too, never boring! Kootenai is a neat name, what does it mean?

      • Kootenai is an Indian Tribe in Idaho, there is a town in Idaho named Kootenai , there is a National forest in Montana by that name and also a river. He was born in the “K” year.

  • Can I post this here? I have a 2002 gelding from the Pryors. His number was 2206. I did’nt know they named him. Would you happen to be able to find out what it was? Curious.

  • There are so many great names listed here! I only have a handful of suggestions, most of which have been made already.

    For Kitalpha’s foal Orion or Orbit to tie in with her star name, or Oxford, to go with Bristol as an English town.

    For Jewel or Feldspar’s foals Opal, Onyx or Obsidian.

    For Fresia or Juniper’s foals Orchid, Oleander or Olive. Helenium’s foal could also have a flower name, possibly Oxeye as well, as the helenium is a daisy.

    For Dove’s foal Oriel or Osprey.

    For Hera’s foal Orion, Orpheus, Odysseus for a colt, Orphne (a nymph) or Ourania (the Greek form of Urania, the Muse) for a filly. As she’s the daughter of Morning Star and the foal’s sire would most likely be Galaxy, my top picks would be Orion and Ourania.

    For Galadriel’s foal, if a colt, Olórin, one of Gandalf’s names, or Osgiliath, to continue the Tolkien theme.

    For Gaelic Princess’s foal perhaps Olwen if a filly (though this is a Welsh name, not Gaelic), Oonagh (wife of Finn MacCool) or Orla (Golden Princess, daughter of Brian Boru), or if a colt Ogma (an Irish warrior poet and mythological inventor of the Ogham alphabet), Owen or Oisin (son of Finn MacCool).

    After re-reading all the other suggestions, I particularly like Oberon, Olympia, Orlando, Otter, Ollivander, Odette, Ochre and Ophelia, but there are so very many good names!

  • Ok so here I go with my names. There’s a lot of them, I had to go through my list and edit it down a bit. Haha so true to form this will be a long post from me 🙂
    I’ll start with the greek mythology names:
    Oeone- mountain nymph who was married to Paris before he went after Helen
    Orestias- “of the mountain”
    Masculine form: Orestes- who was the son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
    Orion- name of the constellation named for the legendary greek hunter killed by a scorpion sent by Gaia
    Orpheus- “the darkness of night”; there’s a story of a man named Orpheus who traveled to the underworld to rescue his wife
    Ourania- “heavenly”; Goddess of astronomy and astrology, also one of the nine muses
    Okeanos- one of the titans
    Orestia- mountain goddess
    Orithya- mountain goddess
    Then I thought this group of minerals, stones, etc goes together:
    Onyx- commonly linked with Agate (which was Feldspar’s 2010 daughter’s TCF name) so I thought that might make this extra suitable for a Feldspar foal.
    Olivine- group of silicate minerals; commonly found with Nickel; also found on the moon
    Osmium- transitional metal in the platinum family with a blue-gray tint. (The color of this could make it suitable for a grulla/o or blue roan.)
    There were several that meant gold so I thought I would group those together too:
    Orla- golden (Gaelic)
    Orabela- golden-beautiful (Esperanto)
    Orinda- gold (English/ Spanish)
    Oralie- golden (Hawaiian)
    Oriana- golden/sunrise (Hawaiian)
    Orla- Princess of gold (Hawaiian)
    Ofira- gold (Hebrew)
    Ophira- gold (Greek)
    Oriana- golden dawn (Latin)/ golden light (French)/ the dawn (Greek)
    The rest are in no particular order:
    Oiva- Splendid (Finnish)
    Onora- verison of Honour (Gaelic)
    Ophelia (Spanish)
    Oberon- moon of Uranus
    Oihana- forest (Basque)
    Olayinka- wealth surrounds me (Yoruba)
    Omid- Hope (Persian)
    Oneida- tribe name: standing rock (Native American)
    Onni- happiness; luck (Finnish)
    Onner- pronounced the same as “Honor,” just with a different spelling. My friend has a horse with this name because the breed registry required the name to begin with an “O”
    Orla- means unknown (Danish)—I feel like this would be a good name for a foal who’s sire we’re not sure of, possibly if there is a surprise from one of the 2 year old fillies this year.
    Oroitz- memory (Basque)
    Ortzi- sky (Basque)
    Osher- happiness (Hebrew)
    Orinda- fire serpent (Teutonic)
    Oriel- fire (German)
    Obayana- King of Fire (Nigerian)
    Okapi- an African animal that has zebra stripes in the same place the Pryor horses have their primitive/ dun stripes. So I thought it could potentially be suitable.
    Okika-orchid (Hawaiian)
    Ohana- family (Hawaiian)
    Odelia- riches (Hawaiian)
    Odessa- filled with wrath (multiple languages)
    Odin- fury (Hawaiian)
    Ona- gracious (Hawaiian)
    Othello- wealthy/rich (Hawaiian)
    Ohanko- reckless (Native American)
    Ohanzee- shadow (Native American)
    Odina- mountain (Native American)
    Oceana (Greek)
    Oceanus- Titan who was the father of rivers and water nymphs (Greek)
    Ochi- laughter (African)
    Ocilia- rich (Greek)
    Odara- beauty (Yoruba)
    Odysseia/ Odysseus- wrathful (Greek)
    Ognian/ Ognyan- fire (Bulgarian)
    Ohiteka- brave (Native American)
    Okalani- Heaven (Hawaiian)
    Olena- light (Greek/ Russian)
    Olina- joyous (Hawaiian)
    Omari- first born son (several languages)
    Ona- sweetness (Hawaiian)
    Onelia- light (Hungarian)
    Onoira/ Onora- Honor/ Honorable (Gaelic/ Irish)
    Onsi- Eagle (Chickasaw)
    Ony- eagle (Russian)
    Oparia- gift (Basque)
    Orana- the moon (Aboriginal)
    Oriata- cloud dance (Tahitian/ Polynesian)

    I started looking up the Greek mythology names with Hera in mind, but I started thinking one of those or even one of the other Greek origin names would be nice for Galadriel as well. She’s the only offspring of her deceased mother Atlantis and the city of Atlantis was in Greek mythology. So I thought that might be a nice connection. I thought that the name “Ohanko” which means reckless would go well if Fiasco has another colt. Also the wrathful and fury related names would go well with her. The gold related names would go well with Fools Gold/ Autumn. Or even just another pretty golden dun foal. Or if we get any buckskins or palominos this year. The mineral/stone/etc group would also go well with Fools Gold/ Autumn too and with Feldspar. I made a note earlier about how Onyx could be especially fitting for Feldspar since it has the Agate connection. Also Olivine commonly being found with Nickel could be cute for a Fools Gold/ Autumn filly since her 2013 colt is named Nickel. The fire related ones would obviously go well with Firestorm. The moon ones would go well with Half Moon. The Spanish ones would go well with Isadora, Jacinta, Graciana. Also with any of Gringo’s mares. I also think that naming at Cloud filly “Oriata” which means Cloud Dance, would be a nice tribute to his daughter with Sitka: Dancer, which was short for Cloud Dancer. As many of you know she disappeared in fall of 2012 and her remains were found in late spring/ early summer of 2013.

    • Those are all great Sarah! Thank you so much. I also like how you have it laid out! I think you may be going for “longest comment too”! 🙂 I think it is GREAT!

      • Haha yes, I might set that record! and thanks! I think I may have overcompensated for not coming up with a lot last year. I said I was going to wait to be inspired by the foals being born, but then that didn’t really work out and I ended up only suggesting names for a few of them.

    • I love the idea of naming a Cloud foal “Oriata” it’s pretty and a lovely idea for a tribute to Dancer 🙂

  • Was Cloud’s “Dancer” a 2003 filly and is Sitka still on the range? I don’t remember her being mentioned before.

  • Oh wow….so many names being presented here that most all of the names I had in mind are already given. I have a few that are not. They are: Oberholz, which is a town in Switzerland and means underwood or upperwood; Okegee, which is Cheyenne for Chief ; Othello, which is in Shakespeare; and of course there is Otis, who is a character on the Andy Griffith show (gives an idea on what I watch on TV) 🙂 All of the names given by everyone are good ones, but there is no affirmation that all of these names will be used by the BLM. I believe that everyone wants to be involved in these horses lives and that we all want to help them remain wild & free. The less human contact, the more wild; the least amount of fencing the more free!!
    It is fun to have a list of names suggested by people who care about them. This is very special and I for one thank you Sandy for taking the time to involve others and to put this on your blog. I realize that TCF has their own names, but I think it just confuses most people who follow all of the blogs about the Pryor horses. Most of the time I don’t know which horse they are talking about (TCF) because I have been following this blog and the Mustang Center’s blog (& BLM) and they use the same names. These names are used by BLM for identification (scientific) purposes and so it should be.
    It will be interesting to see how many of these names will be given to any foals born in 2014.
    God Bless them all and may they remain wild and free forever!!

  • Just a thought, to keep the Tolkien theme with a Galadriel foal, if it’s a colt could be named Oakenshield for Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit movie.

  • Let me think…

    Olympus (Just in time for the winter Olympics!)
    O’Reilly (LOL! Political pundits! XD)

    Possibly more to come! 😀

  • Sadly Damsel (2003 Dancer) is no longer with us anymore. She was such a pretty mare none the less 🙂

  • I think Owyhee would be a great name for a foal with Lakota’s bloodlines. It links to your Kootenai as many Idaho tribes have ties to the Owyhee Canyonlands

  • So I’m streets behind, and will keep my thoughts short accordingly:

    =Outlaw – I see this as a keep in the back pocket and wait for an adventurous, obstinate foal kind of name. It would fit the theme with just about any Dryhead horse, as well as a few mountaintop themes, or for some of the mares who’s foals don’t have a really clear theme just yet. I could imagine a Gabrielle/Casper foal making a good Outlaw. (I’m trying to use BLM names here for consistency spelling Casper’s BLM name makes my head spin… :-\ )

    =Omen – as in a good omen.
    =Ophelia – It’s really unlikely Hamlet would still be a band stallion by the time O swings back around, and hey, it would be a really easy/memorable name for folks that would match well with Isadora or someone like Gaelic Princess, Fresia, or Halcyon.
    =Olwe – Olwe is an elven king found in The Silmarillion by Tolkein. Specifically, Olwe is the grandfather of Galadriel.
    =Oberon – king of the fairies. A Half Moon foal, maybe? Given fairies connections with flowers, it could work for one of the “flower girls” too
    =Ourea for a Hera foal. Ourea is the collective name for the Greek mountain gods. Hera is the only horse in the Pryors with a Greek mythology name. I think it would be good to keep that theme going for Hera’s bloodlines for documentation purposes.
    =Orion is a fabulous name that’s already been suggested a ton. I would propose that it would work well for a Morning Star foal.

  • I haven’t even tried to look at the ones above because I’m afraid I will offer a lot of repeats. I know Orion and Orlando have already been suggested multiple times but you can go ahead and count me as another proponent of these names!

    And some other names I like, for no rhyme or reason and I’m not considering the horses that already live on the range because I am not at all familiar with them:
    Oberyn (I searched this page, so far I’m the only one who has offered this name from Game of Thrones!)
    Okonkwo (main character from the book Things Fall Apart)
    Obama! Any horses with Presidential names? haha
    And you can always do an Irish type name–O’Neal, O’Brien, etc.
    Ombre (shadow in French)

    And if I think of more I will come add some, but O is hard.

  • I finally took time to do some research on “O” names, so here’s my list. I’m sure some are repeats.

    Spanish origin:
    Osadia—Bold, daring

    Oma—Life Giver
    Orion—Son of Fire
    Opilamani—Purest of gems
    Obadiah—Hebrew Prophet
    Oberon—King of Fairies
    Ordorrician—Ancient people of northern Wales—the time between the Cambrian period and Solurian on the geologic timetable.
    Oleander—Shrub with flowers colored red to white (appropriate for a sorrel, red dun, or liver chestnut ROANS)
    Orisha—Catholic saint
    Osage—(Algonquin origin)
    Oscan—Ancient Italians
    Osmium—Blue-gray or blue-black metallic element (Fool’s Gold) or appropriate for grulla/grullos
    Ottawa—Native American tribe
    Oxalis—Wood sorrel

    Oisin—Little Deer
    O’Brian—High, noble
    O’Connor—Hero, champion

    Some I really like—others not so much. 🙂 Will send them if I hear or see any other good ones. 🙂

  • I know this is a REALLY late addition. But I thought of one “O” name that I don’t think was mentioned (who knew there were so many “O” names). The name is OLAF meaning Ancestor’s heirloom; Ancestral heritage; Relic. The name may not be the greatest sounding name, but I feel like the meaning is very applicable to these horses. They have a unique heritage and truly are heirlooms and relics.

  • Here you are 😀
    Océanie – F
    Oscar – M
    Orlando – M / F
    O’Maley – M
    Oehu – M Polynesian name
    Onipoca – M Polynesian name
    Olga – F
    Oriata – M/F Polynesian name
    Oviri – M Polynesian name
    Orphée – M
    Ouranos – F

  • another question about the Great photo above!! You stated, the grullo roan in front =“ Blue Moon and Halcyon’s yearling colt, Miocene* (aka Miguel) , will be two this year“. s0: WH0 are the others in this?? Also it’s the 1st time that I’ve HEARD the name of their 2013 foal!!
    Nirvana is great*.
    Speakich D0 you have a List of names and family for a11 the 2013 and 2012 additions?? (been in and out of health and don’t know them) v . . .

    • From left to right they would be: Nye, Nodin, Niobrara and Miocene’s sister, Nirvana (in the foreground). Yes, I have a list with the 2012 and 2013 foals born that year. Give me a few days and I will post it here. Trying to get up some new fencing, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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