Pryor Foal # 17, Filly!

Bakken has finally had her foal or finally someone has spotted her with her foal!!  It is a filly.  Thank you Cass from NPS for providing the extra photo on this page.

This is from Bighorn Canyon National Recreation’s Facebook page:

We have big news today here at Bighorn Canyon NRA. Bakken has been seen with her new late-season foal. This image was captured by one of our remote cameras just this morning! Alongside Bakken were Blizzard and Strawberry. Congrats to the whole herd!

You can click BAKKEN to view that page.

Bakken and her new filly, October 24, 2013.  Photo by NPS.
Bakken and her new filly, October 24, 2013. Photo by NPS.
Bakken's New Foal, October 24, 2013
Bakken’s New Foal, October 24, 2013  Photo by remote camera, NPS.
Bakken and her new foal.  Photo by NPS (Thank you Cass!)
Bakken and her new foal. Photo by NPS
(Thank you Cass!)

Bakken is the 2001 daughter of Sacajewa and Cortez.  Father of this foal is unknown, possibly Fiero or Blizzard.

Bakken, April, 2012
Bakken, April, 2012

I will be in the Pryors on Saturday.  I hope I can see this little one while I am there.  Thank you Bighorn Canyon for sharing this!


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9 thoughts on “Pryor Foal # 17, Filly!

  • Yay! Im glad she had her foal and it definitely looks very healthy and sturdy! I had a feeling she was probably with Blizzard since she wasnt with Fiero. I wonder if that was a conscious decision on her part. Maybe she thought her late season foal would fair better with Blizzard. Who knows… But I hope you see them this weekend! 🙂

  • Great news…but so late 🙁
    I was just out there Monday but was not lucky enough to find them. Maybe tomorrow!! 🙂
    Thanks Sandy!
    Maybe see you Saturday?
    The weather is supposed to turn very cold and snowy on Monday, according to the weather channel.

  • yep…what else is new? HA HA..I am off the whole weekend so hope we can explore the range together and find the new little one!!!! Stay in touch!! 🙂

  • What a relief to know Bakken and her little daughter are looking good going into colder weather. Thank you so much for the photos. Good weather and lots of good sightings this weekend!!

  • Happy to hear that the foal has finally arrived 🙂 Isn´t this the only foal in the Dryhead this year?

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