August 24, 2013 – PMWMC Comments on Proposed Fertility Control Plan Modification

The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center and Wild in the Pryors have very similar thoughts and feelings on this Fertility Control Modification. I hope you all will join us in submitting your comments.

Galena and Nye, August 2013

5 thoughts on “August 24, 2013 – PMWMC Comments on Proposed Fertility Control Plan Modification

  • Thanks Sandy, for posting all this info, and I encourage everyone who visits this blog to submit comments in support of the ideas expressed by the Mustang Center staff. These people and their predecessors have been concerned with the welfare of this herd for many, many years and are the most knowledgeable about the herd and the many factors that need to be considered here. There is no immediate need for big changes in the management of this herd, and especially not some of those being recommended at this time. PLEASE write and support the current plan.

  • My feelings exactly Linda!
    Please send in your comments by Sept. 6th so that we can
    STOP any aggressive modification to this already successful fertility plan that is already
    in effect.

  • One point that the PMWMC makes that I think is important: TCF maintains that there is no adoption market now even for Pryor horses and that PZP is necessary to prevent any further population growth (until natural predators are returned to the range.) But the PMWMC takes exception to that assertion and in fact offers itself as an organization able to build and sustain a network of adopters. I understand Ginger’s wish to keep all horses living free on the range, but there is a trade-off as Sandy, Linda and the PMWMC have pointed out: priming yearlings and core breeding age mares after only one foal risks losing historic bloodlines. The managament of the PMWHR may be at an important crossroads at this point, even though the proposal is for a “modification” and is (theroetically) reversible.

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